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#MoreThanMedals: The Affinitea Raise D' Roof 2015 Medal of Achievement

Runner Rocky just successfuly completed a 21Km marathon in Affinitea's Raise D' Roof Run 2015 on a rainy morning of July 5 at the CCP Complex running grounds.

Running in this beneficiary run is another achievement and fulfillment at the same time since we run not only for ourselves, but for the benefits of a charity, the He Cares Foundation.

Well, before I share with you my compete story about this most anticipated run, let me first share with you its finisher medal.

Yes, the medal is so cool. Its design is very refreshing depicting the nature. It's big in size in a way that when you hold or wear it, you feel your priceless achievement.

Here is my Raise D' Roof medal of achievement after successfully completing a 21K run:

How do you like the medal? Do you run to get a medal on the finish line? What are you running for?

As I've said a while ago, will share you more stories about this run on my next posts. Congrats runners! (Runner Rocky)

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