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Sneak Peek to the Beautiful Caliraya 360

"Run and Travel at the Same Time...!" That turned out to be our goal when we had our trail run in the beautiful place of Caliraya in Lumban Laguna. 

Yes, yours truly Runner Rocky together with my running team, the Team Run Direction (TRD) conquered 34K or should we say a 35.5 km. total in a provincial marathon dubbed as the Caliraya 360. 

The place was so beautiful that each corner, we couldn't help ourselves but took photos with it! And though the route has so many uphills and downhills, the said 34K-marathon seemed like an enjoyable fun run!

Well, let me give you first a quick glimpse on how the viewtiful place looks like. Here are five of Runner Rocky's cool photos taken on the beautiful Caliraya:

Of course, you need to catch up my next posts since I will share more viewtiful photos plus our experience during this travel-type race organized by Run Mania.

Join me as we relive the cool fresh experience in running and traveling at the same time! Stay tune fellow runners! (Runner Rocky)

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