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Pio Luz for Runner Rocky

For the fourth time around, yours truly Runner Rocky and fitness enthusiast and now's Nike+ Run Club pacer Pio Luz crossed paths once more! But this time, we were more intimate and was able to know each other better. 

Aside from coaching us from the NRC training last Saturday morning, October 22, I even got an exclusive one-on-one interview with my idol wherein he shared his fitness routines, diet, sports, showbiz plans, and some exciting things about himself. He even posed with me doing the Team Cholo Flight hand sign, my current running team.

Runner Rocky and Pio Luz Doing the Team Cholo Flight Hand Sign

A New Selfie with My Fitness Idol

Pio even supported my blog and vlog by having a video greeting inviting the readers, runners, and fitness enthusiasts to visit my blog.

Here is the said video:

Runner Rocky and Pio Luz or Joey Luz first met during the presentation of finalists in the Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016 wherein he was one of the finalists. It followed during the actual grand finals round on April. Our third meeting then took place last August when they were introduced as Nike's ambassador during the Nike Unlimited Manila launch in White Space Makati. And our fourth meeting was just this Saturday when they coached us during our NRC training. 

I will share my one-on-one video interview with him later on in my next post. Thanks Pio! Good luck and more power idol! (Runner Rocky)

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