AffiniTea Brown Race 2014: A Review of Success and Achievement

AffiniTea Philippines, the tea that binds, once more brought the spirit of bonding, camaraderie, unity, and oneness to the Filipino families, friends, and teams in a fun run dubbed as the AffiniTea Brown Race 2014.

On a Saturday morning of December 14, 2014, more than 4,000 runners gathered at the CCP Complex, Pasay City for the said event. I myself was so proud being one of these 4,000 plus runners. Together with them, I had ran for the benefits of the mothers and children of the Grace to be Born Foundation, a ministry dedicated to saving the unborn from abortion, providing sanctuary to unwed pregnant mothers in crisis, and temporary shelter for abandoned babies. The said foundation have ministered to more than 200 mothers in crisis who lived in the GTBB shelter and delivered babies from year 1979 to present.

Before the actual run, runners enjoyed first a live concert which started at exactly 3:00 am. Great music which combines the all-time Pinoy favorite, the modern rock, and Christmas tunes prepared and conditioned the runners.  

Team Run Direction Shows Support to the Brown Race

The Owner Mark Anthony De Guzman Liu and the Runners

Runner Rocky's Success in the Finish Line

With My Running Buddy Posing Sports' #OOTD 

The Medal of Achievement

With My Running Buddy on the Finish Line

The Biggest Loser Finalist Raffy Tan Also Joined the Run

The Coolest Finisher Shirt that I Love Most

The gun time then officially started at 5:00 am. There were 5 categories for this race with corresponding nationalistic titles. They were the "Conqueror" for the 3K category; the "Excellence" for the 5K category; the "World Class" for the 10K category; the "Champion" for the 16K category; and the "Angat Lahi" for the Buddy Run.  The runs for each category started and ended on time.     

This running event concluded my 2014 as this run was my final run for the year. And yes, this AffiniTea Brown Race was my favorite and one of the best runs I have joined this year. Why? Well, here are its Top 10 strong points which made this run stands out from the other based on my personal observation and experience: 

  1. First, the event clearly achieved the AffiniTea's slogan which is "The Team that Binds" as it brought together members of the family in a fun and exciting bonding moment. The event also reunited runners from the different running groups. I've seen different tents from the different running teams like the Team Run Direction (TRD),  the Team aRUNkada, the Team P.I.G.S.,  and the  Urban Runners Club to name few.
  2. Second, the running route was smooth and simple. No more turn arounds, or complicated paths, just a straight route from one end to another with two turns thus making many of us easily track our pacing.
  3. Third, I really love its finisher shirt for the 16K finishers. Yes, this is the best finisher I ever have! The cloth is made of the finest material which make it fresh and comfortable to wear! The design is really cool. It's simply amazing! You can wear it even after the run. In my case, I will wear it in the office or when I attended events being a proud and successful Brown Race finisher!
  4. In connection with No. 3, it was great to know that the sizes of the finisher shirt were unlimited! Yeah, "di talaga nagkaubusan ng mga sizes." Name a size, they have it! Unlike in the other running events, scarcity of sizes is a major problem! I experience it thrice - I was looking for a small or a medium size but I got a Large or an XXL since "ubos na daw ang mga sizes." The result, I wasn't able to wear those finisher shirts because they doesn't fit me! But here in the AffiniTea Brown Race, you can change it whenever you want until it fits you!   
  5. Aside from the finisher shirt, you can even replace your finisher medal. When you were not satisfied with your medal because it's a little bit small or it has a scratch, you can easily replace it to the organizer.   
  6. I also love the race's singlet. It was comfortable and light to wear even if you perspired too much. And yeah, it perfectly fitted my toned body making me more muscular and sexy.  
  7. Powdered milks were pouring like rain! Yes, as one of the souvenir items after the run, each runner got a carton of an Enercal+ milk.And take note, all the runners received a cartoon of this milk. "Lahat nabigyan, di nagka-ubusan, sobra-sobra pa nga!" Imagine, even the workers and setup personnel present on the event got their milks after all the runners received theirs.
  8. The grand raffle prize was truly unexpected. It was a Php 800,000 worth of AffiniTea franchise business was given away. And a very lucky varsity runner won this prize. As many commented, "Imagine tumakbo ka lang, pag uwi mo may negosyo ka na!"  So amazing!  
  9. This running event also achieved its advocacy to help the mothers and children of the Grace to Be Born Foundation. As more than 4,000 runners joined the event, large amount was then accumulated and given to this said charity.
  10. And finally, this event turned out not as a competition. Rather, it paved way for unity, oneness, bonding, and friendship among the runners and participants."Ang sarap ng pakiramdam na masaya kang tumatakbo at walang hinahabol na oras para malagpasan ang ibang runners." It was a very fulfilling feeling that you run not only for your self and personal achievement, but you ran for the benefits of a foundation and for the spirit of friendship and camaraderie.  

Talking about my personal achievement and breakthrough joining this event, AffiniTea Brown Race paved way for me to become an official member of the vibrant running group, the Team Run Direction (TRD). So truly proud to become an official member of this family! :)  

The weather also cooperate with us. From the start to finish line, the weather was fine - not too sunny, not too rainy making our runs smooth and comfortable.

With the success and achievement of AffiniTea Brown Race 2014, many more runners including me truly looking forward for more events like this next year. I immediately asked sir Mark Anthony De Guzman Liu, the owner and general manager of AffiniTea, "Sir anong next event natin after nito? Sana po marami pa tayong events like this sa 2015."    

The event was indeed an early Christmas treat to all of us - the spirit of giving, unity, bonding, friendship, oneness, camaraderie, and love were all there! And I witnessed it first hand. Congratulations AffiniTea for this great success! We all salute you!  'Till next year.  - Runner Rocky 

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