take to CONQUER the 21K TRAIL Adventure at Mt.Batulao

Run and conquer the jaw dropping landscape as we take you to the summit of Mount Batulao and down the other side. Prepare your body and senses for scrambles, step ascents and daring descents.
Register now in Conquer Outdoor Equipment in Forum Pioneer or Fairview Terraces.

TRD TeamRunDirection will steps the Ascents & Descents of Mt.Batulao.
Running the Mt.Batulao is an amazing adventure, one that every trail runner should put on their must-do bucket list of adventures. But, runner beware, it is an extremely difficult task, no matter if your goal is to run across once or take on the challenge of running. Make sure you meticulously plan your route and take proper clothing, fuel and safety gear. Most importantly, make sure you training is sufficient to be on your feet for 10 to 14 hours.

 If you’re a strong, fit trail runner and have been doing regular ultra-distance runs (3-5 hours per run) once or twice week, it’s not the distance that will hurt (OK, that will hurt, too!) but it’s the change in elevation you’ll have to endure at both. There’s roughly 811meters above sea level of cumulative elevation gain and loss in each direction. You’ll descend, no matter how fit you are, it will beat up your quads and that will lead to cumulative wear and tear later in the day.

No matter how you’re planning to run it, do it with an adventurous attitude and know that continual refueling is key and power hiking and walking breaks are OK. But if it gets hot or you’re running at a leisurely pace, you might go through a lot more fluids, so you might be smarter to wear an over-the-back hydration system with a larger reservoir. As far as calories go, at the very least, you’ll need to pack several gels, bars or whatever you prefer for ingesting carbohydrates on the run. No matter how fast you run, it’s going to be a long day and you’ll need to refuel continually.

It’s wise to wear some kind of shoulder pack or fanny pack so you can carry a light shell, a headlamp and a first aid kit. Given the duration of the run and the calories burned, it’s also smart to carry energy gels or bars at the very least. Beef jerky and vacuum-packed packets of tuna fish are other lightweight foods that can keep you moving.
 I found a place to shelter myself from the wind on the rocky summit and sat there, looking out over the vast landscape far below me. My tired legs, sore hands and sleep deprived body was now in the back of my mind, and I was ready for the long descent back down the mountain. Mount Batulao was tough and relentless, a rugged beauty that tests your entire body, but I had conquered it, and now I felt on top of the world.

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