Achieve a Fit and Sexy Body Like John Spainhour with Euphoria Maxx

Workouts, gym, exercise, and healthy diet are the common things most fitness enthusiats like me do to achieve a sexy and fit body. Some even take whey protein to build more muscles. But the hunk actor-model John Spainhour has something to reveal about his gorgeous body!

Well aside from the usually fitness routines I've mentioned above, there's an additional way to achieve a yummy body like John. And this is a supplement capsule called Euphoria Maxx.

Euphoria Maxx is a food supplement which redefines the traditional sports supplement we use to know. It combines the power of the usual energy capsule and the whey protein every gym goer takes as it gives us more energy to do more workouts at the same time defining our body with gains of more muscles.

Now, when do we need to take Euphoria?

Before every workout, we can take 2 capsules of it. At rest, we can take one capsule.

The recommended intake of it is 2-3 capsules a day in addition to our healthy meal and regular exercise and body workout.

Definitely, Euphoria is now part of John's fitness regimen making him as today's one of the hottest hunk models deserving his super bod title!

Great also meeting this hot guy in various events. In my upcoming posts, I will share with you Runner Rocky's fitness interview with John! 

Keep up the good workout John! See you again soon! (Runner Rocky)

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  1. Well, this is just a bogus marketing strategy to get someone who is already at that physique to endorse such product but the question is, does it work? NO not really... It did not work at all. I challenge the maker of Euphoria Maxx to get someone who is not into fitness and transform that person, to prove their claims. Not only that, there is no studies that were made to prove Euphoria Maxx's effectiveness, unlike other supplements like BCAA and other pre-workout formulas. I WON'T BUY EUPHORIA MAXX AGAIN, EVER!!!

    1. It bears emphasis that this item is called a supplement, so it is not the only thing you need to achieve a good physique. That would be a very stupid argument. Another point is that no amount of any supplement can produce a person with good physique without physical activity aimed for muscle gain.

  2. Well fyi, it works. I was very fat then and euphoria maxx did increase my energy for exercise. Ofrcourse you have to work out, ano gusto mo nakaupo ka lang mag kaka muscle ka. Wake up, you have to lift and worl your ass off, what it does is increase your stamina and strength.

  3. We have to eat foods that are rich in proteins such as fish, eggs etc... These foods will help to keep us stronger and healthy.

  4. Don emanuel i dont think you had been working out havnt heard about BCAA & AMINO at all.. hehe have u read the content of euphoria? Now compare it to WHEY or BCAA explain how it works.

  5. Hahaha i dont think na basa nyo na ang tungkol sa BCAA at AMINO or WHEY to post tht kind of comment dude basahin mo content ng supplement na yan and compare it to atleast amino now explain to me how it could enhance your muscle or make u fit atleast?

  6. If you really read the contents of Euphoria maxx, it has Arginine Tribulus Terrestris Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali. They are different from whey and amino acids and serve as testosterone boosters that increase stamina so you can have more energy when working out and enhances muscle dev't. Effective siya kasi nagte-take ako for 6 months na, siyempre dapat with proper diet at exercise. May net at google na rin lang, eh di kumpletuhin mo na ang pag research.

  7. testosterone = muscles
    euphoriamaxx is a supplement that helps increase testosterone by it's content, it will work well together with the aminos and bcaa diet and workout.

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