"Reach the Top Tonio!" - The Barefoot Monster's Quest to The Beautiful Horizon

"When you reach the top, that's when the climb begins." - Michael Caine

After breaking a record of running barefooted on the full 42K in Condura Skyway Marathon (Feb. 7), finishing his very first 60K ultramarathon in Luneta to Tagaytay strong and kicking (Feb. 21), and conquering another ultramarathon in a two-man relay with extra miles in Tagaaytay to Maragondon (Feb. 28), our very own Barefoot Monster  and Runner Rocky's bestfriend,  Anthony Noriel Fodra is set again for another exciting run! This time, a trail race to summit the Silyang Bato Mt. Pico De Loro.

Dubbed as The Beautiful Horizon, this trail run is actually the continuation of the New Era Trail Running Series. You may recall last August 2015, the first leg of this trail run called the New Era Trail Running Series (Mt. Marami 21KM FKT Trail Run) has been concluded. That was a very challenging trail run where runners experienced the heavy rain, the notorious mud, the countless assault, and the river crossings. But in the end, they felt the priceless moment of reaching the summit of Mt. Marami (Silyang Bato). And yes, Anthony, or Tonio, or Tonying surpassed this first leg with flying color! 

Definitely, this will be the second time around of Tonying to conquer this challenging trail this Sunday, March 6, 2016. It will be the first trail run traverse edition that will happen on the mountain range of Maragondon, Cavite. Mt Marami, Mt Mataas na Gulod, Dos Picos, Mt Palay-Palay and Pico De Loro are on their route menu. The overall distance is 35 Km. with a cut off time of 10 hours. Tonying will definetely take it easy knowing him who loves doing mountain hiking and trekking.

"Sana malagpasan ko 'ung takot ko sa height," Tonio posted in one of his pictures showing him on top of a mountain. Yup, Anthony revealed that he has a fear of height. But he is always conquering this fear. Look at him, he always enjoy climbing mountains and we can see the fulfillment in his face whenever he's on top of a mountain! And I even cracked joke on him on one of his mountain photos saying, "kitang - kita ko 'pre na nanginginig ka habang nasa tuktok ng bundok! Hahaha..."  

Reach the top Tonio! You will definitely break another remarkable record this Sunday! Bring home the bacon once more! But the question goes, will Anthony go on barefoot in finishing this trail race?! Well, we'll wait and see...!

Ok, leaving you with a quote from Michael N. Castle: "But all of this success came at the end of a long climb..." Good luck bestfriend! (Runner Rocky)

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