Coach Rio Dela Cruz Narrates his Humble Beginning in Nike's Unlimited Manila Launch

Most of the successful athletes today truly started from a humble beginning. The inspirational phrase "from rugs to riches" is truly applicable for many of us. And yes, just like yours truly Runner Rocky even started from nothing... that you need to work hard, surpass the different challenges before your achieve your goals and enjoy the fruit of your labor. 

Today's famous icon of the running community Coach Rio Dela Cruz is also one of us! Yes, his real-life story is truly inspirational. Everything that he owns now is truly from the fruit of his hardwork and determination!

Coach Rio is a perfect living proof of Nike's newest campaign "Unlimited Future." Therefore during the launch of this campaign in Manila dubbed as the Unlimited Manila, Coach Rio revealed his inspirational story. 

"My friend, my cousins, and my aunt said that I'm not good enough and I cannot achieve my dream. It's better for me to find a job rather than to study," Rio reminisced this painful memory when he was 12 years old. 

"It's painful because these people are close to you and you will hear those words," Rio further shared in front of us during the event. 

When the program host Boom Gonzales asked Rio about his motivation, the coach replied, "how you find a meal, when is your next meal...this serve as my motivation!"

Here is a short video clip on Coach Rio's story he shared during the event:

"I don't want these to happen to my family so I work hard, I train harder," the coach's inspirational lines touched the audience's hearts!

At the end of the program held in Whitespace, Makati last August 4, 2016, I didn't missed my chance to talk and take a new selfie with my idol running coach, Coach Rio Dela Cruz.

His story is truly inspirational! I admit, both of us have the same sad and painful story in the past! Those people close to you, your relatives that should help you in times that you need a support were the No. 1 people who hurt you! "Sila pa 'ung hindi tumutulong at nang-aalipusta pa sa'yo!" Just like Rio, Rocky at a very young age of 11 years old experienced the hardship in life...that I need to work hard to have a meal and to support my studies! 

But look at us now - both successful in our respective careers! Rio Dela Cruz is now Runrio and Rocky Chua Batara is now Runner Rocky! This is our story - how we struggle from a painful past 'till to the present's glory! Let's toast to our success! (Runner Rocky) 

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