How to be a 'Rockstar' After Crossing the Trail and the Mountains

Everyone of us can be a 'Rockstar!' Even runners like us can be one specially when you conquer a series of mountain ranges in a trail race poured by a heavy rain! 
This is an interesting and inspiring story shared by my friend and teammate Ize Barbosa as they took the challenge of DBB Mountain Rockstar 2016. Here is her story:
The Third Leg of the MGM Mountain Trail Series in Mt. Batolusong-Mt. Maynoba-Mt Cayabu.
Acknowledging the finisher as Mountain Rockstars as they crossed the finish line of either 12k, 25k, or the 50k. 

No doubt, after bagging my fair share as a Grandslammer for completing the 3 legs of the series, I know that the experience should be shared. 

This event offered a very challenging route, already named as "rutang sasaktan ka" before the event, what would you expect when heavens blessed the trail with heavy rain the night before and during the race? 

Mountain + Trail = Rutang Sasaktan Ka
The Mountainous View of the Trail 

There goes the unlimited slides on muddy trails, the adrenaline rush of trail-skating, the crawling uphill of endless ascents, the nerve-chilling steep descents, thinking "how am i supposed to get down there?", countless rivers and ravines crossing, everything seems to be endless... but yet you'll get to realize you were playing with the thick fog, loving the cold on your bones when the heavy rain pours, hugging so many trees and clinging to plants to help you pass through the trail, appreciating the river water, yes you are enjoying the experience! 

You would still stop to enjoy the scenic view at the peaks and summits, the signature mark of the series - the view, a picture-worthy moment that after the hardship you still manage to smile for it.  

One of the unforgettable peaks is the one called the Radar, 400m climb almost 90degrees vertical finale, where the hashtag #rutangina was born with the note "bawal magmura bad yun" because you can't help it. 

An Inspiring Story of a One-Leg Runner who Successfully Crossed the Finish Line

After crossing the finish line, getting the greetings and the medal, the photo-op and all, you'll be proud to say you are a Mountain Rockstar conquering the crazy yet awesome trail that seems to be impossible. 

Happy and proud that you get to meet your idols in the trail running community like sir Manolito Divina, sir Rocket Bong, the RD sir Dbb itself, the amputee-runner Renson Emradura and more. 

Aside from the challenging trail, what makes this event so extraordinary? It is the good people behind it, showing and sharing people what trail running is, letting others experience it, showing camaraderie that brings positive vibes to trail runners. 

As what Sir Dbb says, "this is not a race, this is a preparation for your next big event".
Kudos to sir Dbb, kudos to the team of MGM Mountain Trail Run and to all mountain trail runners! - Written by Ize Barboza

That was such a great experience and a challenging route! You made your mark guys! You were now a certified Mountain Rockstars! Can't wait for your next journey! Keep it up! (Runner Rocky)

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