Run, Play, Move with 'No String' Attached via Motorola VerveLife

Who among you can't live without music? I admit, yours truly Runner Rocky is a music lover. In work, in gym, in bus, or even when asleep, I always ensure that there is a music in my ears. Seems that music is already part of our everyday lives isn't it?

However, many people can attest to the hassle of being in the middle of working out and having to lug around different adaptors and wires all for the sake of having music. As such, flexibility and freedom with connection is something aspired by many, not just technology enthusiasts. And this is what Motorola VerveLife strives to provide. With it, anyone can achieve this balance and own their every moment with maximum connected convenience.

A Variety of Motorola VerveLife Products that Fit Your Lifestyle

A Black and Orange Motorola VerveLife Wireless Earbuds

Runner Rocky was one of the first bloggers and fitness enthusiasts who witnessed the arrival of the Motorola VerveLife wireless audio products in the launch held at the Hole in the Wall, Century Mall, Makati City on August 16, 2016. In the event, different wireless audio devices were presented.

The collection consists of a wide range of products including: HD wireless headphones, including the first True Wireless earbuds from a major manufacturer - the Motorola VervesOnes/VerveOnes+ - and a QHD live-streaming lifestyle camera, Motorola VerveCam+.

Here are the benefits of the Motorola VerveLife products:

1. VerveLife products aim to give people with an active, social lifestyle more freedon and connection to the world around them.

2. Suitable for anyone who needs more productivity, and those who just want to move more.

Definitely, these products perfectly fit me! In my busy flexible schedules, these will truly help me a lot - no wires, no connection, no string attached... super ease to move!

Motorola VerveLife are Now Part of your Sports and Fitness Gears 

Which of these Products Fit you Most?!

Motorola VerveLife Products are available in all Digital Walker stores, Astroplus/Astrovision, Mobile 1, The InboxStore, Listening Room, Gadgets in Style, and Games and Gadgets

And of course here are the Standard Retail Prices (SRP):

* Motorola Verve Ones Black - Php 9,950
* Motorola Verve Ones Black/Orange - Php 10, 950
* Motorola Verve Rider Black - Php 2,950
* Motorola Verve Rider+Black Orange - Php 3,950

According to Digits CEO Charles Paw: "Motorola VerveLife is designed for people who want to have it all, and are determined to get what they want. We're moving towards a wireless age, and we recognize that nobody wants to be physically restricted. That is the beauty of technology. We continue to innovate abd address the needs of our consumers."

I've tried those products during the launch. And yes, I really love them - the quality, the flexibility, the techology, the mobility, and all the benefits it can give to the runners and fitness enthusiasts like us! I'm excited to use mine! (Runner Rocky)

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