'Double A' to Conquer the 50K Ultramarathon Windfarm Challenge! #ConquerAirFlow50

Teamwork, Unity, and Goal...

Probably, these three things are our weapons why yours truly Runner Rocky and my relay tandem Julius Caesar Aquebay were always victorious in the different ultramarathons we joined with! Since last year, we always conquered different ultramarathons in pair. And we proved that "two heads are better than one" finishing the races strong and kicking! Our tandem is now dubbed as "Double A" derived from my nickname Aki and his surname Aquebay (but actually, the two As where inspired from the names of the two famous celebrities which I will reveal in the coming days)! :p

We had ended the month of August 2016 via a two-man relay in the National Heroes Day 50K Ultramarathon. And we will also ending again the month of September 2016 with another ultramarathon. This time, it's the 1st Conquer Airflow 50K Ultramarathon Windfarm Challenge

This will be a very exciting race for our two-man team for the following reasons:

1. It's because we will be running in a new route, a new venue. Yes, this will be our first time to run in Tanay Adventure Camp. 

2. The theme of the race is fresh and new. This is also our first time to run in a running event with a windfarm or an airflow-inspired theme in an ultramarathon.

3. We love the cool trophy, the miniature windmill! We're so excited to add this in our trophy collection!

4. We love the astig finisher shirt, a black and blue color theme which is also symbolizing the color of Runner Rocky.

5. Great to have two medals for both of us after crossing the finish line.  

You may check out all the details and the guidelines of this running event in my previous blog post via this link: 1st Conquer Airflow 50K Ultramarathon Windfarm Challenge. 

Aside from the two of us, two members of our running team, the Team Run Direction will also joining the race! 

The 1st Conquer Airflow 50K Ultramarathon Windfarm Challenge is inline with the celebration of TANAY ADVENTURE CAMP’s 5th anniversary celebration. As they say, this is a perfect race for those thrill seekers. It definitely ensures great views, fresh air, and full of adventures!

See you all this Sunday, September 25, 2016 and let's run with us! Together let's conquer the airflow and the windfarm challenges! (Runner Rocky)  

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