Obesity Against the Five Major Human Organs

Many of us hate being fat or overweight. It's already a dilema for most people when their weight exceeds the limit. And yes, many children or teenagers were bullied because of being fat and overweight.

When I asked some of my co-runners why they run, most of them will answer, "gusto kong pumayat" or "ayaw kong tumaba!" They even go to gym to trim their weights. Or worst, some totally eat less (diet daw) basta pumayat! But aside from the outside physical appearance, what are the important things that we should need to know about being fat, overweight, or being obsessed?!  

Obesity is always associated to fat and overweight. But did you know that there's an in-depth health issue about this?! 

After sharing with you health posts about liver, diabetes, and other health risks in my recent articles, let yours truly Runner Rocky tackle today some of the things we need to know about obesity!

The Organs Affected by Obesity

Take Time to Monitor Your Weight

 Let's Help Fight Obesity

Obesity does not just mean you’re fat, overweight or you can’t fit to any proper clothing. It’s more than that and it means your health is at risk. Being overweight or obese is more than just fat layers in your body. When someone is obese, the body functions are very low which takes a toll on different major organs of the body. Here are the list of organs and how they are affected by excess weight:

1. Heart – When a person is obese or overweight, the arteries are basically blocked because of the plaque build-up making it hard for the blood to flow. This means the heart needs to work harder and pump harder.

2. Colon – Most people who are overweight or obese eat a lot of processed food. Processed meat, sweets and unhealthy things can cause harm to the colon which is responsible for eliminating the toxins.

3. Brain – When a person is obese or overweight, the brain suffers when sending signals. A study found that the cognitive highways of the brain of obese people are diminished, which compromises the sending of signals to the different parts of the brain.

4. Skin- Hormone changes can cause acanthosis nigricans, a thickening and darkening of the skin; swelling and stretching of the skin can cause redness and irritation, known as stasis dermatitis; and poor vein function can lead to ulcers, found most often in ankles as a result of lacking blood flow.

5. Lungs - Poor lung function means blood vessels may not be getting enough oxygen. Similarly, obese people face a far greater risk for obstructive sleep apnea than non-obese people, further limiting the oxygen their bodies take in. Problematic enough during the daytime, a failure to breathe at night could turn fatal in a hurry.

It is not rocket science to find out how excess weight affects the organs in our body. However, being more aware about the effects on our organs might help us in keeping watch on our weight. With healthy diet, an active lifestyle which requires exercise daily, avoiding sweets and oily food can help us lose the excess weight. 

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