Marlon Stockinger Reveals to Runner Rocky his Other Sports Aside from Car Racing

Marlon Stockinger is now a hot trending name not only in the field of sports or car racing but also in the world of showbiz after the confirmation that he is the current boyfriend of Miss Universe 2015 Winner Ms. Pia Wurtzbach.

But before the news about Pia, Marlon is already an international celebrity after representing the country in various worldwide car racing competitions and winning championships in the said field. He is a Lotus and Formula 1 (F1) international car racer.         

In one of our events earlier last year, Runner Rocky finally met this player. Yeah, he is my idol in the field of car racing and one of my fitspirations I'm looking forward. And I was so lucky that I even got a chance to interview this good guy!

In my interview, Marlon revealed that aside from car racing, his sports are basketball and football! He is also a runner who already ran 25K. And do you know that he is also planning to be a triathlete someday?!

Here is my impromptu video interview with the man of the hour, Marlon Stockinger. Let's all watch this:    

And as proof of his sports and workout, here are two of the hot photos of Marlon taken from his official Instagram account. Let's check these out and be inspired with his gorgeous product of healthy and active lifestyle: 

Marlon Stockinger Aside from Being a Racer is Also an Icon of Fitspiration

Sexy Hot Body of Marlon Stockinger is a Product of His Sports and Workout

Well, aside from my one-on-one impromptu selfie video interview with this hot guy, I even grabbed my privilege to have a perfect selfie photo with him! The result below:  

Athlete Runner Rocky and Car Racer Marlon Stockinger in a Selfie

And also, sharing with you two of his car racing photos from his official account:

Lotus Car Racer Marlon Stockinger in One of His Races

Marlon Preparing to His Race

Aside from being involve now to Pia, Marlon is also the bestfriend of actor and triathlete Matteo Guidiceili. They were together on their childhood days and already compete on different car racing competitions! He is also a friend of the triathlete and now actor Ivan Carapiet. Matteo, Ivan, and Marlon are certified car racers! Now you know why Marlon wants to enter the world of triathlon someday.

It was truly great meeting you Marlon! See you again very soon and prepare for my next set of interviews to you! The athlete Runner Rocky and the car racer Marlon Stockinger rule! 01/27/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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