Meet Team Runner Rocky's The "Magic 12"

The boygroup of sports, events and online community just got even stronger! This 2017, our very own Team Runner Rocky turns tougher as our organization now comprised of 12 gorgeous male members! Hence, "The Magic 12!"

12, a perfect number which represent a 3x4 square of equal sides connotes the group with equal functions and responsibilities in the team. Since we're on the month of January and starting up the year 2017, this is also the perfect time to formally launch our new members' count with brand new functions and designation titles.

So ladies and gentlemen, here are Team Runner Rocky's Magic 12:

Rocky Chua Batara

Events and Running Correspondence
Nelson Cuevas
Julius Ceasar Aquebay
Albert Corpuz Dairo

Hike and Nature Correspondence
Paolo Mesina
Kenmark Ladrillono

Creative Director
Mark Sarical

Brand Manager
John Lester 'Teng' Lequin

Owel Rowel

Graphic Artist
Romeo 'Miyo' Briones Jr.

Jumar 'Jim' Villanueva

Official Photographer
Mark Pizarra

Taking the main blogger role as Blogger-In-Chief and the driver of the team is no other than yours truly the founder Rocky or Runner Rocky. 

Since we are now covering a wide range of functions in the fields of sports, media, running and travel, the correspondence team is now divided into two groups - the Events and Running Correspondence and the Hike and Nature Correspondence. 

The Events and Running Correspondence team is composed of Nelson, Julius, and Albert. They were the one who will represent the team or the blog during presscons, blogcons, media conference, product launches, or running events.On the other hand, the Hike and Nature Correspodence team is responsible covering the travels, mountain hikes, and place navigations. Our two newest members Paolo and Kenmark comprise this group since both of them are certified mountaineers and nature lovers!

In-charge of giving bright ideas and recommending creative strategies for further growth and development of the team as well as proper planning is no other than our Creative Director Mark Sarical.

And of course, sharing his expertise building a brand with his wide-range of marketing strategy and promoting it to the public is our very own Brand Manager Teng.

Since Team Runner Rocky is now well-known in doing different video spiels, Vlogs (video blogs), TVCs, infommercials, and promotional videos, time now to have our very own video Editor. And sharing his skills in this field is no other than Owel.

His creativity and talent in graphic arts and designs help us a lot. He created great cool logos, posters, and shirts for this blog and for the team. Therefore, Miyo is the only one perfect for the Graphic Artist title.

When we are having our video spiels and no one to take video for us, he showed his skills in taking videos and catching good angles and effects on the screen. Therefore, Jumar bagged the role of Videographer.

His skills and interest in photography build the team. With his talent in 'pitik,' he captured good shots from different events for the runners and for the organizers of the events. Mark Pizarra is definitely the one taking care of the Official Photographer role.

Each member definitely have their own skills which make this group strong and powerful! With Team Runner Rocky, our own skills and talents were harnessed and utilized to inspire not only the runners, fitness enthusiasts, readers, or netizens, but the world wide web as a whole!

Equal roles and titles for each members make "The Magic 12." Oops... we're not that formal type of organization with lots of laws and regulations you're thinking of. We're group of barkada here in the team enjoying friendship and camaraderie with one another. Hence a boyband or a boygroup... a 2R12 (2 RRs which is Runner Rocky with 12 members)! (Runner Rocky)

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Runner Rocky

Known as Runner Rocky, Rocky Batara is the owner of this website. He is an IT expert, a Principal Software QA Engineer by profession and a Blogger and Digital Content Creator by passion and hobby. He loves to blog about lifestyle, celebrities, entertainment, tech, sports, and fitness giving rise to his 6 major active websites. Rocky is also active in Social Media such as in YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok since he loves to take videos and photos of different things including interviewing celebrities and different personalities. You may follow Rocky on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram via his username @therunnerrocky and on YouTube at @RunnerRocky. Meanwhile for inquiries, collaborations, and event invites, feel free to send him email at:

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