Rocky Chua - March 2017 Calendar Boy #TeamRunnerRocky

"Strike While the Iron is Hot..."

March is my month. Primarily because it is my birth month. Therefore I chose this month to be your designated Calendar Boy.

As always, let me introduce myself first via personal stuff.

My full name is Rocky Chua Batara born March 19 in Manila. Yes, we have the same birthday with the saint St. Joseph, the hardworking biological father of Jesus Christ and the husband of Mama Mary. We are also celebrating the same birthday with the Kapamilya drama actress Julia Montes who rose in stardom after playing the character of Clara Del Valle in the 2010 remake of "Mara Clara." 

Many always asked if my name Rocky is just a nickname or already my full name. But yes, it's already my full first name... short, brief, and simple - easy to recall and retain! Of course you will also ask if where my name Rocky was derrived? They always thought that it was from Rocky Balboa since he was so famous way back in 80's. But according to my mom, he got my name from a handsome leading man named Rocky in the hit teleserye "Annaliza."  The actor who played the said role before was Rey PJ Abellana, the father of the actress Carla Abellana. 

Yup, I'm 25% Chinese - my grandfather in the mother side is 100% pure Chinese while my grandmother is a pure Filipina raised in Bacolod and Antique. My mom therefore is 50% Chinese while my father is a pure Filipino. Hence my middle name is Chua. 

Fast track from my education to professional career - I graduated two courses in College with two scholarships and with honor (cum laude). These are the Electronics Engineering Technology and the Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BS ECE) in Technological University of the Philippines, Manila with scholarships from DOST (Department of Science and Technology) and NEC Foundation Inc. I'm currently in the field of IT as a Software QA Engineer with an ISTQB Certification and Scrum Master. I'm already turning 10 years in this profession. :) 

On the lighter side, my favorite color is red, and "R" as my favorite letter (obviously my name starts with letter R). I love chocolates and seafoods. I love to listen to cool music, it's my form of relaxation. I love to write, to blog, and to create my video blogs. I love to collect different things - toys, books, magazines, medals, trophies, and other interesting stuffs. I love to watch TV series and horror and superheroes movies. I like Angel Locsin and Julia Montes, before Claudine Barretto.

How do I start blogging?!

Runner Rocky's Fitspiration Story Shared During My Winning Moment in the Emerging Blogs Award

I am a legit blogger for 9 years now. My first blog with own URL was created in 2008 and that was my personal blog, the Bits of Rocks. I started to write blogs in 2007 via Friendster. Since I'm a writer and Managing Editor in our student publication in college, I found ways to write via blogging online when I graduated from school.  

When I wrote my blogs in Friendster in 2007, my officemates appreciated these so much so they suggested me to have my own blog with own domain. Therefore in March 15, 2008, I started my own blog with own domain in Blogger. And this is Bits of Rocks with its first domain as turning now as

My golden years in blogging started in April 19, 2009 when I created my entertainment and celebrity blog, TV Series Craze which now has a domain URL of This blog becomes a huge hit that paved way for me to enter the showbiz world and meet different celebrities!

How do I become a sports and fitness blogger now?! Well before I answer that, let me share with you first my story on how I become a runner.

My Very First Actual Race - 21K in the World Vision Run 2014 

May 2014, our company sponsored a running event which was the AmCham ScholaRUN. I want to run but it was my first time. Therefore, I registered only to a 5K category. 

During the actual race, I failed to run! I came late to the running event. I was so frustrated. Imagine that you were so excited to have your first race with complete running attire but you failed to run, tapos na ang event pag dating ko! ;( 

Out of frustration and because of the medal, I registered 21K in the World Vision Run 2014 for the month of June. My judgemental officemates in my current company were shocked! "21K for the very first time Rocky?! Eh di ka pa nga nakapag 5K or 10K"

"Saan ka namin hihintayin Rocky - sa Finish Line or sa Ospital?!"

The ever memorable lines that created Runner Rocky! Yes, pinagpustahan ako! And the bet was - "kailangang ma-beat mo ang 3 hours for 21K. Kundi, ililibre mo kaming lahat sa Dong Won (Korean Restaurant)."

And guest my time for the first time runner trying a 21K distance?! I made it at 2 hours and 49 minutes! "Napahiya ang mga taong nag-judge!"

Instead of treating them in Dong Won, our team lead treat us instead with a Korean ice cream!

And that was the start of my running hobby, the story that created now's Runner Rocky. After World Vision Run 2014, I registered to different running events in the succeeding months. 

For the record, here are the number of runs, marathons, and ultramarathons I've joined with:

2014 - 10 Runs, 9 Medals

2015 - 37 Runs, 31 Medals, and 5 Trophies

2016 -  43 Runs, 36 Medals, 10 Trophies, and 1 Plaque

2017 (as of the moment) - 11 Runs, 9 Medals, and 1 Trophy

And to note in our company, ako nalang 'ung active na tumatakbo sa kanila!'s Very First Blogging Award

My First Blogging Award from the Kapuso Network

And since running turns to be my second hobby and interest, I merged it with my first love - blogging!

Since gusto ko ding ma-inspire not only the netizens and people around the world wide web, I created a new blog which features sports, fitness, and marathons - the, this blog in November 24, 2014. 

Through this blog, I shared my stories to inspire people. I encourage them to be fit and start a healthy lifestyle. I even shared my celebrity interviews sharing their fitness regimens to encourage them further.

For 2 1/2 years now, eventually reached its success! Yes, it turnes to be my multi-awarded blog site. I got my first blogging award for Runner Rocky in October 2015 being the No. 1 Emerging Most Influential Blog. Then in 2016, it was also hailed as the Best Sports, Fitness, and Health Blog from BlogEX Manila.

I also received two consecutive blogging awards from GMA Network in December 2015 and 2016 resdpectively.

Not to mention my various nominations from the different blogging award giving bodies!

Fan Made Birthday Poster. Thank You LionhearTV!

March is My Month... My Birth Month

Runner Rocky Loves to Eat Specially Seafood

And because of and me being a runner and fitness enthusiast, I am able to enter the sports, running, and fitness community! "Hindi na lamang ako na-iinvite now sa mga showbiz or celebrity events, even the sports and marathon events, I was able to conquer!"  And yes, most of my runs now were sponsored. 

So glad to know that many brands now specially sports brands or events were inviting me as their media partner or brand ambassador!

The most expensive sponsored run I received was the Danang International Marathon last year in Vietnam for 42K. Sad that hindi ko siya natakbuhan because of conflict in my work schedule. I was not allowed to take my VL for the month of August last year because I'm handling and leading a project! ;(

Runner Rocky Keeps on Inspiring People Not Only the Runners But the Netizens As Well

I Love to Play as a Superhero, You Will Fight and Save People!

Because I want to share all the blessings I received, I created my very own team, the Team Runner Rocky! What makes it different from the other team - it's not a sole team for running, it's a sports and digital team that covers all types of sports and fitness activities at the same time, promoting these sports, fitness, and healthy lifestyles in Social Media via blogs, vlogs, Facebook, and any other means. Hence it is dubbed as "The Boy Group of Sports and Digital Community." 

Yes, our team is an all-male group! It is patterned after the boy groups like the AZKALS, Volcanoes, Hashtags, and the like. Our girl friends were also treated as part of our group hence we called them as the "leading ladies" of the boyband.

Some asked why I called my team as Team Runner Rocky patterned after my name?! Well to clarity, Runner Rocky is not actually my name, it is a brand and it is building to be a sports and fitness brand in the future! It will be the likes of  Toby's Sports or Chris Sports.

I created Runner Rocky and Team Runner Rocky to leave a legacy in the future. "Ung may iiwan kang pamana sa mga tao! May legacy ka na na-icontribute na maganda sa mundo!" Back in history and in Science and Technology, scientists named their inventions and creations after their names. Streets and places were named after an iconic person - kung ano ung nai-ambag nila! 

At tulad sa isang ama o magulang na nagmamahal sa kanyang mga anak, ibinibigay nila ang kanilang pangalan sa kanilang mga anak! It's a selfless contribution.  "Ung iba nga nagbabayad pa to acquire a particular name, but for me, I'm giving my name for free!"

Four of the Pioneer Members of Team Runner Rocky During The Team's Launch in Nov. 12, 2016 

The Growing Members of the TRR Boy Group on a Valentines Day Fair and Running Event

Team Runner Rocky Becomes Tougher Conquering the Obstacle Race in Altaraza

Celebrating My Birthday with Team Runner Rocky via The Great Tayak Hill Run 3

Team Runner Rocky or TRR was officially launched as a group last November 12, 2016 together with the launch of our official team uniform inline with's second year blog anniversary.

As of today, TRR grew with 17 members. We were not expanding that much, were more on Quality not Quantiy! And we prioritize solidarity. "Ung intact kayo as a group or barkada not just only a team. 'Ung tunay na samahan ng isang barkada or pamilya, walang siraan or inggitan!"  

And we focus on the improvement and development of each member. Through our videos and various activities, we were able to showcase our other talents not only in sports or running, but also in hosting, acting, creativity, writing, communication skills, and the likes. 

Runner Rocky as Man of the World - Masculinity and Responsibility!

Though the month of March 2017 already wrapped up, hope that yours truly Runner Rocky had inspired you a bit. Sana may napulot kayong maganda being your March 2017 Calendar Boy.

We will continue our legacy and our responsibility. Thanks for your continuous support and patronage. Mapa-showbiz or mapa-sports man ako, lagi kayong nandyan!  You all are my inspirations! 04/07/2017 (Runner Rocky) 

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Runner Rocky

Known as Runner Rocky, Rocky Batara is the owner of this website. He is an IT expert, a Principal Software QA Engineer by profession and a Blogger and Digital Content Creator by passion and hobby. He loves to blog about lifestyle, celebrities, entertainment, tech, sports, and fitness giving rise to his 6 major active websites. Rocky is also active in Social Media such as in YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok since he loves to take videos and photos of different things including interviewing celebrities and different personalities. You may follow Rocky on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram via his username @therunnerrocky and on YouTube at @RunnerRocky. Meanwhile for inquiries, collaborations, and event invites, feel free to send him email at:

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