Earn Your First Rotating Medal When You Finish the 2017 'Ulo Ng Apo' Half Marathon

Do you already own a rotating medal after finishing a race?! Well if you were to ask me, my answer is No. But I'm looking forward to have one this coming June. 

Yes just like most of you, I'm excited to earn my very first rotating medal after joining and completing a historical race in Zambales. This is via the upcoming 2017 Ulo Ng Apo Half Marathon.

Check out the said rotating medal below:

The Rotating Medal
With a diameter height of 82mm and width of 80mm with a rotating head in the medal, this medal of completion after finishing your 21K half marathon is truly a rewarding experience. What more, you will run in the historic city of Olongapo, Zambales away from the usual road in the city.

Why did I say that the place is historic? Well according to the legend (alamat), the term Olongapo was derrived from the tagalog word " Ulo Ng Apo." Long time ago, there was an old rich man living in the city.  Gentle and generous as he was, this old man was respected and loved by all. One day, the people noticed that the old man was missing.  This was strange since it was his custom to be up and around, especially during harvest season.  After missing him for three days, the people really became apprehensive and the fate of the old man became the talk of the town. His head then was found but his body was never recovered. From then on, the place or the village was called Olongapo or "Ulo Ng Apo" which means the "old man's head." 

That was an interesting trivia to know! Now, let's go back to the race. Here are the details of the race:

The Official Race Poster
The event will be on June 18, 2017 at the Triangle Olongapo City. Categories are 3K, 5K, 10K, and 21K with registration fees, inclusions, and gun starts posted on the poster above.

Meanwhile, check out the designs of the singlet, finisher shirt, medal, and bib below: 

The Singlet and Finisher Shirt Designs

The Actual Medal Design

The Race BIB

And of course, here are the actual singlet and finisher shirt worn by our runner models:

The Actual Singlet and FS Front

The Actual Singlet and FS Back

Olongapo is really another exciting place to explore in Zambales. And yes, this is another tourists attraction specially the huge man's head located in the heart of the city. Check it out below:

The Ulo ng Apo Monument in the Place

Definitely Runner Rocky and my team will capture a moment in this place. A new place to add in our travel bucket list.  

Now you know why the name of this race is "Ulo ng Apo" as well as why the place's name was such. The medal was even inspired to the place's iconic legend. This will be another addition to my medal collection afterwards! So see you all runners! 05/02/2017 (Runner Rocky) 

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