Experiencing the FitCon MNL 2017

If you’re a gym rat, a runner, a fitness professional or a just fitness geek like me and you’re obsessed with upgrading your performance with science based knowledge of current fitness and wellness trends, then FITCON MNL will make your mouth water like a fat kid waiting for his juicy quarter pounder double cheese burger to be served.

FITCONMNL2017 held at the Ascott Hotel, Bonifacio Global City, on May 19-21, 2017 brings together 15 international and local fitness experts for 3 days of fun, intensive training, education and workouts!

Aside from the sumptuous buffet and free flowing coffee, Vitaminboost and Lightwater, it was a fitness and health buffet of all sorts.

There were workshops and workouts for triathletes, swimmers, runners and other endurance athletes which covers techniques for faster recovery, optimizing performance, proper nutrition and mobility.


If you’re a dancer or a Yoga enthusiast, you can level up your flexibility and even dynamic strength with the bodyART masterclasses and stretching, flexibility and mobility workshops. 

Experience the First Fitcon in Manila

We're Ready to Fight

Crossfit, HIIT, boxing and martial arts enthusiasts will also benefit from the Power workshops.
There are also specific workshops for weight loss, nutrition and body transformation.

Be Strong as Ben

Fitness professionals will gain wisdom from the service and business development workshops with specialized training and education about developing client relationships, modifying movement and behavior among others.

I was only able to attend day 3 with my one day all-access pass but I wished I attended the whole 3 days and split myself into 2 so I could attend all the other workshops and master class workouts that were held at the same time.

I know a lot of people who fly outside the country just to attend this kind of conventions where the top experts in the fitness and health industry are brought together in one place, and this is the first and biggest fitness industry event of its kind.

Special thanks to the Dynamic Duo for bringing this event to the Philippines and providing the quality of education and workouts that is a cut above the rest.

Looking forward to FITCONMNL 2018!!! 05/26/2017 (Erik Valenzuela, Team Runner Rocky)

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