Five Haikus to Sum Up Day 3 Of FITCONMNL 2017

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As a delegate of Team Runner Rocky, I got to experience FITCONMNL2017 last May 21, 2017 and it gave me a lot to chew on with the workshops and workouts scheduled that day. I'll be posting the nitty-gritty stuff in a separate article.

 In the mean time... here are five haikus to sum up day3 of FITCONMNL2017.

1. Physique transformation with strength performance and body composition specialist Ben Siong

Fat And Carb Loading
Macros Manipulation
And H2O Too

2. Trigger point foam rolling session to make your run feel light and bouncy  with Rica Rodriguez

Release The Tightness
Foot, Calves, Quads, Piriformis
Chest And Midback too

3. You Can't Have The Yin Without The Yang.
Body Art Master Class Workout With Divine Masinsin and Garnet Suidy

Flow, Contract, Relax
The Universe Within You
Mindful Explosion

4. Postural Assessment And Symmetry With Mark Laws

Move In All Planes
Strengthen The Weak, Stretch The Tight
Alignment Is Key

5. The Magic Formula And The Business Of Personal Training With Dan Duran

Have A Servant’s Heart
Measure and Know Your Numbers 
Market All The Time

Click to know more about what  happened at FITCONMNL2017 and visit their website at  FitCon MNL 2017 - Dynamic Duo Inc. for future events.

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