The Obstacle Is The Way... Why I Love Guerilla Race And Why You Should Too

Guerilla Race Splash 2017-The Water Edition!

Ready for battle

Last May 28,2017,I was able to join the "Guerilla Race Splash-The Water Edtion " to represent Team RunnerRocky. It was the latest in the Guerilla Race series which was a fusion of land and water obstacles in Splash Island, Laguna. We ran, kayaked, swam, crawled, traversed and more as we faced 12 obstacles in a 5km run that tested our versatility, strength and stamina.

fun is an understatement

You might wonder why despite the sufferfest of barbed wires, mud baths, and spider walls, people are all smiles in every picture with a look of determination and pride gleaming in each of the participant's faces. 

I <3 bearcrawls

Why is that?

As humans, deep in our genes we are hard wired to run, sprint, crawl, push and pull our way to survival.

In this age of comfort and quick gratification, we have a deep rooted desire to get out of the comforts of our daily existence and actually get our hands dirty. 

Maybe it's a nature thing. Something about awakening our animal instincts or living in nature a bit more, experiencing discomfort and pain because living in isolated tech bubbles where everything is perfect isn't good for your health and psyche. 

Whatever the case is... the goal of Guerilla Race is simple...  

To get out of your comfort zone

If you haven't heard what Guerilla Race is all about, it is a series of hardcore Obstacle Course Racing in the Philippines. Designed by the late Scout Ranger Col. Dennis Bumanglag of the Philippine Army, Guerilla Race will test your strength, stamina, mental spirit, and resilience. 

"Guerilla Race is more than just an event; it is a movement. A movement that embraces a culture of thriving under pressure, surpassing limits and conquering life’s many challenges. 

By running a Guerilla Race, you’ll unlock a part of yourself that you never knew existed, and with this discovery of your new self, you’ll discover others who are the same."

The Obstacle Is The Way

For me, obstacle race events like the Guerilla Race series epitomizes the stoic wisdom of "The Obstacle is the Way". It will teach you the art of turning obstacles into opportunities not just in the race but in all areas of life.

Runners at the starting line are transformed into driven, determined, and dynamic Guerilla Racers at the finish line. Ready to conquer any obstacle ahead of them.

The Guerilla Race Motto “Finish the race…or die trying” speaks well of the fighting spirit embraced by everyone during the race. The ultimate glory is at the finish line! 

Once you get a small taste of what it's like to experience and conquer a Guerilla Race Sprint (5km with 12 obstacles), it will awaken something within you. You will want something more. A bigger challenge. More obstacles to conquer. More intensity. Just like a lot of runners who have gone from 5km to 50km and beyond, next thing you know you'll be running a Death Race or a Spartan Agoge.

Naruto running technique

You will be seeking more and more challenges instead of avoiding it and attack obstacles head on. And hopefully in spills into other areas of your life too

So get out there, conquer your obstacles and get ready to conquer the cold... coming soon: Guerilla Race Baguio!

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