Philippine Triathlete Mark Anthony Abrantes Hosana Reveals Three Insights to be a Fast Runner

You won’t believe the speed setting on Mark Hosana’s treadmill at the FitnessFirst Indor Tri challenge unless you’ve seen it yourself. 

During the Fitness First Platinum SM AURA Indoor Triathlon program launch last May 23, 2017 Mark Hosana of the Philippine Triathlon Team won first place and killed it with an 18.5 km speed on the treadmill ( with 1% incline) after out swimming and out biking his completion. 

This was after running 21km of rolling hills just 2 days ago at the Cardiac Hills Attack run for a cause. He can also run 10km in 34 minutes.

That makes Mark Hosana a cerfitified #Mamaw

Got a chance to chat with Mark and asked about his training and here are some of his training secrets:


At the Philippine Triathlon Team, they usually do what elite athletes refer to as “doubles” (Twice a day training of morning swim and bike and an afternoon run)

His running mileage a week  is an average of 85km a week ( not including the swim and bike) with a mix of speed and track workouts such as 10 x 1km or 400x 20 at a wasak baga pace and a  weekend, easy long distance run.

It’s surprising that the only injury he has ever gotten was on a bike accident and not running related considering the amount of mileage he does.

Running form 

When he runs, he focuses on just maintaining a relax form  and stride which was mind blowing to see him do  while running at 16km to a peak of 18.5km per hour  on the treadmill

Foot placement (just underneath the hip) foot strike and arm swings are some of the running cues he thinks about to maintain perfect form.

Team Runner Rocky with the Phil. Tri Team

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For the full interview check out Teamrunnerrocky's  youtube vlog!

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