How to conquer the hardest triathlon in the world: Q&A with Laarni Paredes, first filipina ISKLAR NORSEMAN EXTREME TRIATHLON finisher

Laarni became the first filipina to finish the hardest triathlon in the world, exactly a year after her husband John Omar.


1. What drove you to join the Norseman? How did your husband Omar influence your decision to join?

I learned about Norseman a few years ago from a friend who said it is one of his bucketlist races and one of the toughest in the world. Having done 7 full irondistance races in the past and feeling quite confident about finishing such events, I wanted something new, a bigger challenge just to see if I can make it. My husband, of course, is a huge influence on my decision to push through after I got a slot in the lottery. It means a lot to have his support because it means a lot having his blessing to train for the event, or allot budget for the trip.

2. What was the most difficult part of the event for you? Why?

Definitely the bike part. I spend about 9 hours on it. By far the hardest bike I've done, hands down.

3. What was the best advice you've heard about this challenge?

It's cliche, but it worked like a charm - just enjoy the journey. It helped to focus more on enjoying every moment of it, treat it as a journey, rather than a race.

4. How did you manage to sustain your pacing during the event?

I tried to keep an even pace throughout, especially on the hills where it was critical to conserve energy as much as possible. It helped a lot that my support crew was able to provide adequate nutrition throughout the bike and run parts; and made sure I was kept warm.

5. How did Herbalife help you the whole time you were preparing for the event? How about during the event and after the event?

Preparing for the event, there's the usual morning meal in the form of H24 F1 sport, H24 Rebuild Strength after workouts for recovery. I also take 1 or 2 servings of H24 F1 Sport before a workout for fuel. NRG is also a staple during training and racing for that energy boost. H24 Prolong is also my favorite during races because it helps fuel me as a dual source of carbs and electrolytes.

Herbalife has been my nutrition partner. I have been an Herbalife-sponsored triathlete for eight years now. And really, being with the company, taking the nutrition it provides, helped in creating the result that I wanted.

With Herbalife, we always feel that we're part of a big family. They've sent their personal messages, and make sure that accomplishments like this are recognized, and right now, I'm here with you, sharing my Norseman journey, which is a big chapter in my Herbalife Nutrition story.

6. After conquering Norseman, what next for Laarni Paredes?

For now, I look forward to a nice, well-deserved off season. Next year, I look forward to racing locally as usual, and who knows, maybe another extreme tri race again in the future if I get lucky. :)

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