7 Head Turning Spartan Race Male Athletes Who Will Catch Your Attention!

September concluded the very first Spartan Race in the country. And glad that yours truly Runner Rocky together with my group Team Runner Rocky took part in this historic event both in the running, sports, and obstacle course communities.  

Joining the said race also gave us different stories to tell. And one of these stories are the athletes who made our heads turn even though were on the middle of the challenging obstacle. 

Spartan Race has gained the title as one of the most popular obstacle race course events in the world. The exciting American competition Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge was inspired by the same race. This grueling obstacle course has produced athletes of all shapes and sizes towards the same goal of reaching the finish line. But apart from conquering the obstacle course, there are athletes in the course who catch our attention for different reasons.

Following both the American competition and the recently held inaugural Philippine race, there were athletes who made can make your heads turn back for a second look and here are some of them: 

1. Eric Seegers

You can easily spot him at different Fitness First clubs and have likely seen him at the outdoor SGX Workouts held a few weekends before the Philippine Spartan race. Eric is Fitness First’s National Fitness manager and is one of the coaches who can help aspiring Spartans to conquer the race thru their exclusively offered SGX Workouts. You can also see videos of him giving tips and exercise routine you can do at home on RTL CBS Extreme’s Facebook page. His tips may come in handy so make sure to bookmark those videos for future reference.

2. Michael Reyes 

Mike is the Race Director of Spartan Race Philippines. Thanks to him and the rest of his team, the highly anticipated obstacle race course finally landed on Philippine soil. His first Spartan Race experience was in 2011 and had joined two more races this year before the inaugural Philippine race. He may intimidate you with his height and built, but the minute this guy smiles at you, the bad boy image instantly fades. Mike also makes sure to cheer up and motivate the race participants he sees in the course. Don’t forget to say hi to him as you’re sure to see him again in the next races happening in 2018.

3. Isaiah Vidal

One of the youngest team captains in the competition Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, this fearless leader makes sure he picks up his team members and no one gets left behind. Isaiah is also an accomplished athlete in the US. His beautifully sculpted face is hard to miss on Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge Season 2 which airs every Saturday, 9:35 PM, first and exclusive on RTL CBS Extreme.

4. Michael Jiang

This Japanese- American lad found his way to the Philippines after quitting his job from one of the biggest global companies – Google. You have probably seen him a lot of times leading the Spartan Race community workouts, and have looked for him at the course in Timberland Heights. He will surely be at the next Spartan Races with the rest of his enthusiastic team, Suns Out Guns Out.

5. Rholand Adaya

Coach Rholand led most of the Spartan SGX workouts during different Fitness First events. He is a familiar face because he played a big part in some of the aspiring Spartans’ journey to the highly anticipated event. He seemed easy to work with, but he sure can push you to work harder to prepare you for the race. He joined at the elite category of the Spartan Race Philippines inaugural race, went all muddy, but sure made it look easy as soon as he reached the finish line, not fair but we’re cheering for you, Coach!

6. Wooch Graff

Wooch is a father of two boys and a Spartan Race Elite Athlete. He is the captain of the team Mathletes in the second season of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge. You will definitely look more than twice because he takes off his pants mid-race. According to him “pants get in the way.” He wears an iconic thong for the rest of the course, but beyond the image, he is a true team captain by making sure his team works together to conquer all the obstacles. Catch Wooch and his team at the finale of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge Season 2 on Saturday, 9:35 PM, first and exclusive on RTL CBS Extreme.

7. Leonidas “Leo” Menge

Carrying a true Spartan name, Leo is a US Marine and a member of the Spartan Race US Team. He is also a professional Jiu Jitsu athlete. One of the marshals in the recently concluded Spartan Race Philippines Sprint, Leo was assigned to man the spear throw obstacle. Sure there were too many marshals on site who could make one’s head turn, but that Spartan tattoo on his chest is worth staring at. It was a good focal point while doing 30 burpees as penalty for missing the target.

While waiting for the upcoming races to take place, you can catch more Spartan Race athletes in the finale of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge Season 2 on Saturday, 9:35PM, first and exclusive on RTL CBS Extreme. 

RTL CBS Extreme is available on SkyCable HD channel 209 on and Destiny Cable Digital channel 104.

Congrats Spartan! 10/11/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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