What is Food Intolerance Test and How It Helps to Find the Food that Works for You?

Sometimes when we have a run, we tend to eat too much before and after the race for the so-called carboloading. We eat whatever we want thinking that these will be burned after the marathon. Well, this seems true for yours truly Runner Rocky. Since I run a lot, I eat a lot!

But the question goes, are we conscious with the food that we take? Did we know that some of the food that we love to eat may be harmful to our health?

Well for this blog post, let me share with you the recent event from Life Science about food intake.
Have you been experiencing fatigue and problems with your stomach for no reason? Do you often feel “off” even with regular exercise and a healthy diet? More often than not the culprit is the food that you happen to like so much and eat very often. Today, finding out your food ‘enemy’ or the one that your body can’t process is easy with the Food Intolerance Test (FIT). 

The FIT is a comprehensive test from Cambridge Nutritional Sciences (CNS) in the UK, and is the only test of its kind in the Philippines, made available in several health facilities, including LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness, in the metro through Global Medical Technologies as the official distributor of CNS in the Philippines.

Dr. Julien Kirby, Global Lab Systems Support Manager and Regional Sales Director of CNS, is part of the team who developed and established effectivity the FIT, Allergy, and Auto-Immune (AI) products, said "We all have different reactions to exactly the same food. What is okay to eat for some may be toxic to others. Food, however healthy in the traditional sense, can sabotage one's well-being if he is intolerant to it."

If your body has an intolerance to a specific food, it will not be able to digest that food properly. This can lead to a lot of unpleasant, long-term effects, such as stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, skin problems, weight gain, and even anxiety and depression. 

“You can’t have good nutrition if your body is fed with food that it can not process. This means you are also depriving your body with the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs to function properly, mentally and physically. If this keeps happening, you are unintentionally harming your body and will eventually lead to more serious health issues,” emphasized Dr. Kirby. 

LifeScience is the first health and wellness facility that has successfully used the Food Intolerance Test as a tool in guiding the health of their clients. With knowing which food items are good or bad for the client, Lifescience nutritionists are able to modify client’s diet to one that will help them meet a certain health goal or address a certain health issue. 

Dr. Julien Kirby, Global Lab Systems Support Manager and Regional Sales Director of CNS

“One of our clients has been dealing with skin and hormone issues. The first step was to check her diet, what food goes on her plate. Thou, she is eating mostly greens, fruits and fish, and fit she still feels unwell. The result of her FIT showed us that her skin and hormone issues are triggered by some of the food that she is intolerant to," said Mabelle Aban, Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian at LifeScience. "Then we worked her in making changes in her diet. She learned how to eliminate and replace some food items from her diet. Since then, her health issues started to disappear and she began feeling better, healthier,” shares Aban.

Healthier skin, no more migraines, and bloatedness, more energy, better weight are only some of the results that clients rave about after getting the right nutrition, which also meant knowing what food items are good and which ones to avoid.

“The testimonies of clients are proof of how important personalized nutrition is. And it’s what we want people to learn and benefit from. Eating what your body needs sets you to be in good health and helps your body heal and recover from the stress we give it as we go through our daily routine,” says Mitch Genato, Group CEO of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness. 

Because of good results experienced by clients, the FIT is now more accessible with more health facilities carrying the test, and at a more competitive cost.

"When it was first introduced a few years back, the FIT cost over P20,000.00. Today, the test is available at LifeScience for P12,400.00 with nutritional counseling with a physician and a nutritionist dietitian," enthused Genato. 

LifeScience is a program-based, integrative facility committed to optimizing your health. At LifeScience, the needs of your body come first. The center practices a science-based approach called Functional Medicine. With Functional Medicine, your concerns are directly addressed with personalized programs that include nutrition, fitness plans, and medical treatments and tests, based on your unique health goals. 

The Food Intolerance Test is one of the Center’s tools to help patients heal and make sure that their bodies are at optimal health. 10/24/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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