How Global Medical Technologies Help in the Early Detection and Prevention of Cancer?

Gaining advantage against cancer: A precise approach of personalized cancer management for each patient's cancer genes bodes well in gaining an advantage in the fight against cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the worst news anyone can get from their doctor.

What if it is possible to catch a cancer in its early stage early enough to take steps to better manage it? 

In a lot of cases with cancer, the treatment is nearly as bad as the disease itself.

What if instead of a shot gun one cookie cutter approach,  you can instead identify which therapy will deliver the best possible result through a more precise, more individualized management plan?

Last November 14, Team Runner Rocky got a chance to sit in for an exclusive media session with world renowned expert Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou, a medical geneticist, specializing in human genetics and expert in the field of molecular oncology. Dr. Papasotiriou discussed the current trends and the need for a more precise approach of cancer management using the latest technology from the Research Genetic Cancer Center (RGCC).

Team Runner Rocky with the world renowned leading expert on genetic cancer testing Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou

Research Genetic Cancer Centre (RGCC), a world class laboratory that specializes in medical technology and cancer genetics, makes early detection possible with personalized chemo sensitivity and accurate monitoring of the cancer cells.

The Research Genetic Cancer Center (RGCC) in Greece has been at the forefront of developing cancer tests that have been helping medical practitioners and patients win against cancer.

The genetic cancer test from RGCC determines the presence and concentration of circulating tumors; and identifies the efficacy of specific drugs, natural biological exacts, and procedure or therapies on cancer cells in an individual. The specific information from the tests allows the medical practitioner to have a complete view of cancer, which will guide the development of a precise, actionable and effective management plan for the patient.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to cancer treatment and only way for practitioners to come up with an effective battle plan is to be fully knowledgeable of the cancer at a genetic level.

RGCC screening tests determines the presence and concentration of circulating tumors. It also identifies the efficacy of specific drugs, natural biological extracts, and procedure or therapies on cancer cells for an individual.

The tests are for specific functions: Screening and follow-up, Pharmacodynamics tests for Chemosensitivity/ Chemoresistance, Pharmacokinetics test for Chemosensitivity/Chemoresistance, and Immunology and Risk Assessment.

Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou talks about the molecular biology of cancer cells at a genetic level.

Attentive During the Session
The goodnews is RGCC genetic cancer tests are now made available and accessible by Global Medical Technologies.

GMT has been at the forefront of making some of the most up to date and relevant medical technologies in diagnostics from developed countries and has been making advanced medical tests and diagnostics accessible to Filipinos, including tests from RGCC.

RGCC test can be requested through your physician. For more information patients can help with this visit (+632) 952-4205 or +63 (998) 9594468. (Erik Valenzuela, Team Runner Rocky) 

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