Seven Fast Facts About the Phoenix PULSE Technology

Runner Rocky for the very first time tried kart racing! Yes, this is also my very first time to drive a motor since I haven't been driving any type of vehicle in my entire life. Thanks to Phoenix Petroleum  for making it possible! It also brings me back to Circuit Makati's Kart City after exactly one year.   

But why does Phoenix is bringing the motor enthusiasts in this place? Are they leveling up their fuel products?! Yeah, that's definitely right! 

So before I share with you my new one-on-one vlog interview video with Rhian Ramos, the newest endorser of this product, let me share with you these seven fast facts about Phoenix newest technology, the Phoenix PULSE Technology.

The country’s fastest-growing oil company, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, launches its upgraded fuels—now powered with Phoenix PULSE Technology. 

What exactly does this new formulation promise? Here are some fast facts about the next generation fuels. 

1. Why is Phoenix Petroleum launching Phoenix PULSE Technology? 

As the next generation oil company, we want to level up our fuel products for this generation’s drivers, which is why we are introducing our very own Phoenix PULSE Technology. The improved formulation will add value to every peso fueled up at Phoenix Petroleum. 

2. What exactly is Phoenix PULSE Technology? 

Phoenix PULSE Technology is a fuel additive with advanced cleaning and protection properties for enhanced power and acceleration. 

Rhian Ramos Joins TeamRR

Powered by Phoenix Fuel Technology, I Had My First Kart Racing

3. How was this formulation made? 

Phoenix PULSE Technology was developed by world-class fuel experts using cutting-edge fuel technology 

4. What can it do for my car? 

Phoenix PULSE Technology has three main benefits: 

  • It avoids fuel filter blockage for diesel-powered vehicles 
  • It removes deposits from fuel injectors, valves, and piston surfaces 
  • It provides engine protection 

All these help result to better fuel economy when used continuously. 

5. How does it help result to enhanced power and acceleration? 

Phoenix PULSE Technology allows your fuel to run smoothly in your engine and burn efficiently, resulting to enhanced power and acceleration. With more power and more acceleration, you can experience a smoother and a worry-free drive, be it in the city or out of town. 

6. Why should I choose this fuel over other brands? 

Our fuels offer the best value: they are high performance, AND are priced reasonably, so drivers get more distance with every drop at Phoenix Petroleum. 

7. Why is it called Phoenix PULSE Technology? 

The word pulse connotes life and excitement, which is exactly what this fuel additive can do to your vehicle. It can help give more life to your every drive by ensuring that your car remains energized through its cleaning and protection benefits. 

Such informative facts about the Phoenix new technology! It makes me more excited to avail my very own car! 02/14/2018 (Runner Rocky)  

About Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. 

Phoenix Petroleum Philippines is a publicly-listed and the leading independent oil company in the Philippines. It is engaged in the trading and marketing of refined petroleum products, including LPG and lubricants, operation of oil depots and storage facilities, hauling and into-plane services. Aside from its expanding retail network, it also serves major accounts in various industries such as power, shipping, logistics, manufacturing, construction, and transportation. 
Phoenix Petroleum has also expanded to the convenience retailing business with its acquisition of Philippine Family Mart, and is set to enter the bitumen business through a joint venture with TIPCO Asphalt of Thailand and PhilAsphalt. 
Inspired by its vision to be an indispensable partner of everyone’s journey, Phoenix Petroleum is dedicated to delivering world-class service that empowers people and inspires every Filipino’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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