Sports Center Lets You Reinvent Yourself from a Couch Potato to a Fitness Buff

Nowadays, lifting weights and pumping irons just don’t cut it anymore. As people become more conscious of their fitness, they are also looking for exciting ways to train and to experience working out like an elite athlete. Fitness centers are now taking the game to the next level by integrating exciting concepts features, programs, and facilities that can cater to all types of fitness and athletic experience.

One facility that stands out right now can be found at the heart of Vermosa, a mixed-use estate in Cavite - Sante Fitness Lab (SFL), a fitness and performance hub that offers innovative fitness programs for professional to everyday athletes, and with services like sports rehabilitation and performance testings.

What sets SFL further is its unique approach ensuring that its facilities and equipment promote functional fitness. “Here, humans work as the ‘machines’ and so, our fitness programs do not rely much on big equipment,” said Clarize Lucindo, SFL’s general manager.

Their functional fitness exercises aim to train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks as it simulates common movements you might do at home, at work, or in sports.

“So, whether it’s carrying a stack of papers across the floor, sprinting for the elevator, or changing the office water cooler, anyone enrolled in our fitness programs can be fit to perform their daily tasks with ease,” added Lucindo.

At par with the country’s premium fitness brands, SFL’s top-notch equipment, such as its Olympic barbells, platforms, manual treadmill, cable machines, rower, free weights, as well as speed and agility tools, are all of high-grade standards to compliment all your needs for your training goals. All of these are highlighted in an expansive functional fitness area with turf, where they also conduct their classes.

Athletes of all competitive levels will also love to do their strength and conditioning workouts here since the lab has all the toys you need to become stronger in your sport—from improving your power, speed, agility, and flexibility to many other components of physical fitness.

SFL boasts of its FitCamp class, a ladderized fitness program best for fat loss and general conditioning. It comes in a boot camp-style session where the trainers post a “Daily Grind”, which takes away the boredom but, brings a whole new level of excitement with the exercises to do for the day.

“You don’t need to have a prior fitness experience to join the camp since the FitCamp will let you scale down or progress up your movements and volumes to your fitness experience,” Lucindo noted.

Aside from FitCamp, SFL is also strong in personal training. They tailor fit a program to the specific needs of their clients. Whether for an accelerated fitness for weight loss and physique improvement, or personalized training to have a better sports performance, they got them all covered here at SFL.

The fitness lab also features the Santé Lacuna Swim School that offers a comprehensive swimming training program under the mentorship and coaching of Olympian swimmer Jessie Lacuna and professional athlete, Bea Grabador. SFL will soon feature a Running Clinic to cater to the unique needs of runners.

To know more about Santé Fitness Lab, its training programs and facilities, and other upcoming events, visit its official FB Page at or its website at 09/13/2019 (Runner Rocky)

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