Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Review: The 6 Things I Love Most About My New Fitness Tracker!

Since the start of pandemic, most of us were not able to do workouts and fitness routines. Some of us were not able to monitor our fitness status that's why many got fat or obese. Not until I found my new fitness companion, the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6! 

Yes before pandemic, yours truly Runner Rocky is an active fitness enthusiast - I ran every week in the different fun runs, go to gym for workouts every other day, attended zumba and yoga sessions every week in our company, and do more other fitness activities. But since we stayed at home for more than a year now, I rarely do my fitness activities. What I'm doing mostly is walking (when I go to the market and nearby groceries) to substitute my running activities. And once a month, I do my own zumba sessions in my room. But now that I've got my Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, I got more motivated to be fit. 

I'm using this fitness band for almost two weeks now. And yes, I enjoyed using it as it gives everything I need to monitor my health and fitness status. So to share with you the good things about this device, here are my 6 Things I Love Most About this Mi Smart Band 6:    


1. Equipped with Hi-End Technical Specs.

Let me start with the unboxing of this device. This newest Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is packed in a slim box. It comes with a magnetic charger and a thick manual guide in different languages. This is how the device inside the box looked like upon receiving it:

Before Unboxing the Device

The Device Comes with a Magnetic Charger and a Manual Guide

Checking the physical features and the overall appearance, it is 1.56’’ Stunning Full Screen Touch Display. It is built upon a long legacy of functional style, the all-new Mi Smart Band 6 is upgraded with a stunning 1.56’’ large full screen AMOLED touch display. The unique, running-track-shaped screen offers 326PPI crystal-clear resolution and approximately 50% more screen space than its predecessor2, providing users with unprecedented visibility for quick viewing of key stats and daily notifications when on the go or during an intense workout. It also supports customizable band faces with over 60 themes for users to play with and personalize for their everyday style. 

For techie people like yours truly, here is its full specs:

 2. You Have a Choice of Extensive Exercise Modes.

With this new model, I can now do more fitness activities and track them one after another! Glad to know that most of the fitness activities that I love doing like running, walking, zumba, stretching at home, or doing some of the outdoor activities like street dancing are properly tracked by this device!  

Just like what I've said a while ago, I do walking most of the time to substitute my thirst of running. And I've tried this device in my regular walking routines - going to grocery or nearby places, buying fresh goods in the market, and short distance jogging. Here are some of my photos when I used the device in my outdoor walk and jog:

Walking to Grocery Using the Device

Jogging, Biking, or Any Street Activities are Properly Tracked

I Love How Fashionable to Wear the Band 


If you can't run or do cycling activities, worry no more 'cause simple walking which I always do can also be set as your fitness goal. Look, I can set the number of step goals for a week just like what I did:

Setting the Number of Step Goals for a Week

3. It Has An All-in-One Health Tracking Features.

Aside from tracking our day-to-day fitness activities or active lifestyle, what I love most about this Mi Smart Band 6 is that it has an enhanced health monitoring features! This new edition features SpO2 measurement3, accurate heart rate monitoring, as well as an enhanced sleep tracking function that monitors naps, sleep cycles including REM and sleep breathing quality. The product also comes with stress monitoring, a deep breathing guidance function, as well as female health tracking to provide users with comprehensive health insights into their body and lifestyle. 

I've used some of the health features of the device to track my health status and these are some of the details I've got:

Health Tracking Processing...

My Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

The Sleep Tracking & SpO2 Features

4. Durable, Water Resistance, and Has a Long Battery Life.

These three things are three of the most features we are always looking at in a particular gadget. Who wants to use a device that can easily be damaged when get wet? Who's getting annoyed when your device easily get low or dead battery?   

To answer these issues, the Mi Smart Band 6 is certified to 5 ATM water resistance that can be worn when swimming, snorkeling, and even showering. I have tested its water resistance when I did my rooftop workouts in the middle of the rain:

Testing Its Water Resistance Features Under the Rain


Now let's talk about its long battery life! Did you know that this new Mi Smart Band 6 provides 14 Days of Battery Life? And yes, it has a handy magnetic port for quick clip-on and clip-off charging.

Fast Charging Right After Unboxing

The Magnetic Port for Quick Clip Charging


5. Easy To Use and is More User-Friendly.

Unlike the other fitness tracker, the Mi Band 6 is easy to use and is more user-friendly. The device comes with soft comfortable straps. And yes, it is easy to wear and remove! The device is also easy to integrate to the Mi App on your mobile phone.

This is how the Mi App to download looks like:

Scanning the QR Code in the Manual Prompted You to This Page


Once you have installed the Mi App on your mobile phone and paired the Mi Smart Band 6, browsing the app would look like this on your phone:

The Real Time View of the App and the Device

Setting Up the Health Trackers

The Health Trackers on the Device Can Also View on the App


6. Affordable and Comes in 6 Colors.

And last but not the least, the Mi Smart Band 6 comes in 6 Vibrant Colors with an affordable price of Php 1,990. You can buy it online or via your nearby gadget stores. 


And before I conclude my review post, let me share with you more of my actual photos and experience using the device. Let these photos talk to themselves:

The Actually Screen Right After Pairing

The Record of Your Workout History

Setting the Health Tracker

Looking More Fashionable Even at Home with This Band

Rain or Shine Using the Device on Our Rooftop

Workout for The Day Completed...

My Workout Summary


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is really the best fitness band to keep you back on track! It's indeed a great one to own! I love using it! To keep you more updated, I'll post more of my fitness activities tracked by this device on my social media so stay tune mga karockers! 

Meanwhile, if I were to ask you, which of the features of the Mi Smart Band 6 do you like and love the most, what will you choose?! Feel free to comment your answers on our chat box! 09/16/2021 (Runner Rocky)   


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