Xiaomi Watch S1 Active: Style and Sports Rolled Into One! (Unboxing and Review)

Yours truly Runner Rocky loves to do different active fitness activities such as running, walking, doing marathons, working out on gyms, dancing, or just doing simple exercises at home. So I need to track all these activities to see my daily improvements. 

On the other hand, I am also active in attending and covering different events either virtual or face-to-face. So I need to be stylish specially when I'm interviewing celebrities.

Doing all those activities mentioned above, of course my main concern is my health - I need to be more safe since we are still on pandemic. Therefore, I need to be more conscious tracking and monitoring my health status such as my oxygen level, my heart rate, my stress level, and my goodnight sleep. Thanks God I found my new companion, a powerful device that will perform all those activities with me! And this device is no other than the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active.

From mobile phones to wrist bands to air buds to watches, Xiaomi is very innovative and very competitive in making and releasing their devices in the market. They really capture what we need and what we desire. And this Xiaomi Watch S1 Active truly fits my personalities and my favorite activities. 

Well without further talks, let me first share with you my unboxing and review vlog with actual setup of this newest Xiaomi Watch S1 Active. Let's watch this:


In simple words, I can best describe the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active as a "Style and Sports Rolled Into One" - it is a stylish model that perfectly tracks our active activities (such as sports, workouts, exercises, etc.) and at the same time, it also perfectly tracks our inactivity (sleep).   

And why do I love more this device? Well, check out my list below based on my personal experience with the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active:

1.)  Stylish and So Comfortable to Wear

Definitely the first thing we see in a device is its design and style. Will it fit my personality when I wear it? The good thing, the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active is stylish as it comes in three different frame colors - the Moon White, the Space Black, and the Ocean Blue. At the same time, it comes in six replaceable strap colors namely the Moon White, Space Black, Ocean Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange straps respectively.  I got the Space Black color for both the frame and strap which I can fit easily whether I wear formal or professional attires in the office or in the events and at the same time when I'm doing my workouts and fitness activities. 

The Watch and Its Accessories

One of the Watch Faces that You Can Choose - the Vintage Face

And yes, this device is so comfy to wear. It's lightweight weighing only 36.3g made with durable metal bezel. Talking more of its dimensions, it is 46.5 x 47.3 x 11mm.

2.)  Modern and Hi-End

Nowadays, digital watches are in-demand while the analog types are almost out of the market. But if we love vintage style, this watch can be both digital and analog in looks! Yes, you can change the Watch Faces into your own desire as it offers 200 Watch Faces. You can change it into 3D, into moving background, with your health data and activities, or just simply into an analog face. Wow!

Choosing the Watch Faces in the Mobile App

A Magnetic Fast Charging Function

Since it's a hi-end device, its technical specs is also awesome! It has a 1.43” AMOLED display having a battery life of 12 days of typical usage, or up to 24 days on battery saver mode. It has a Dual-band 4-system GPS with Bluetooth® 5.2 BLE. It is also Water Resistance with 5ATM.

In terms of charging, it has magnetic charging capabilities. And yes, it charge fast!

3.) It Can Easily Integrate To You Mobile Phone 

This Xiaomi Watch S1 Active matches perfectly to our mobile phones of any model. Just download the new Mi Fitness app then you can see all your records sync from the watch to your mobile phone.

The New Mi Fitness App that You Can Integrate with the Watch

The Watch and the App are Perfectly Paired!

You can even answer calls, read messages, see phone notifications, adjust sounds, and play your favorite music from the watch to the phone. What more, with this watch, you can easily find you mobile phone by ringing it just like what I have demoed in my video. Great!

4.) A Perfect Fitness Companion

Fitness enthusiast and active person like me loves to track our different activities. That's why this Xiaomi Watch S1 Active is my perfect match! With a total of 117 fitness modes such as swimming, biking, hiking including 19 professional modes for users to choose among, this watch can automatically kick into gear when it detects walking and running, either outdoors or on a treadmill.

My New Fitness Companion for My Daily Workouts

Tracking My Different Workout Activities

Aside from the Mi Fitness app, this Xiaomi Watch S1 Active is also compatible with the other fitness apps such as the Strava and Apple Health apps.

5.) Measures Health and Inactivity 

Not only our active activities but even our inactivities can be measured by this device such as our good night sleeps! Yeah, one of my favorite features of this watch is that it can track our sleeps. I can monitor my daily sleeps with this watch! I can easily see if I reach my daily sleep goals of having a daily sleep goal of 8 hours by its enhanced and improved sleep monitoring feature!

Monitoring My Heart Rate

My Sleep Records Tracked By Its Enhanced Monitoring Feature

My Sleep Record for the Day

Tracking My Oxygen Level

And since I'm a health conscious person, I'm so happy to use its enhanced health tracking features for comprehensive awareness, including SpO2 blood oxygen saturation tracking, female health monitoring, calorie level, and our heart rates.  

6.) Shift from Workout to Work From Home

Oh yeah, I can shift from my fitness workout activities to my work from home office setup for my professional work. I can use my Xiaomi Watch S1 Active wearing the watch in professional style when attending corporate Zoom or Teams meetings. Or by just even doing my daily work tasks, I'm wearing the watch with full comforts. The watch also have alarms and notes that will keep reminding you of your to-do list!

The Compass Function of the Watch

From My Home Workout...

...To My Work-From Home Setup

Work Mode with My Watch

And if you love to travel, you will love the compass feature on this watch that will lead you to the right direction!       

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Active is now available on the market with its best price to performance ratio of PHP 8,999.

Meanwhile, you may also checkout more of my unboxing and review photos in our Facebook Page via: Runner Rocky Facebook.

Again thank you Xiaomi for this powerful stylish Xiaomi Watch S1 Active. It seems that I found my new match, my perfect companion joining me in my different activities and inactivity! 04/06/2022 (Runner Rocky)


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