Zuellig Pharma PH Celebrates 100 Years of Making Healthcare More Accessible for All Filipinos

Zuellig Pharma, Asia’s leading healthcare services provider, recently celebrated its 100th year in the Philippines with the theme, “Sandaang Taong, Kaagapay sa Buhay,” with a series of activities that highlights ten decades of giving back to the community and its employees.  

“We are a company built on the back of our people’s strength, hard work and resilience.  We become stronger in the face of challenges because we are single-minded in the achievement of our mission of making quality healthcare more accessible for all,” said Jannette Jakosalem, Zuellig Pharma Market Managing Director. She further stressed the need to work closely with various key stakeholders and health advocates in the country today to ensure the company continues to impact the lives of millions of Filipinos everyday. 

To commemorate a century of excellence and service to the Filipino people, the company launched, “100 VoiZes,” featuring 100 Zuellig Pharma employees – past and present – sharing their contributions to the healthcare sector and proudest moments of being a part of the Zuellig Pharma family. The company also produced a centennial song, “Himig Zuellig Pharma” which brought out the heart and soul of the company, leaving a strong legacy told through melody. The song featured local talents/employees and Eleana Gabunada, Asia’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer finalist. 

For its 100th year celebration, Zuellig Pharma also partnered with the City Government of Sta. Rosa, Laguna and Johnson & Johnson Philippines for a tree-planting program launched as CommuniTree, that aims to plant hundreds of endemic tree species nationwide to champion environmental stewardship and protection. 

“Zuellig Pharma’s ‘Sandaang’ themed celebration not only marks our 100th year in the Philippines; it also signifies the 100 percent that the company gives in building a better future for the country and for Asia. We are very pleased to work together with our various key stakeholders – our hardworking colleagues and our clients through these years, our innovation partners, the Philippine Government and the Department of Health plus our numerous local government unit partners nationwide , our customers and suppliers, and most importantly, our patients – the millions of Filipinos whose lives are impacted by the body of work we do everyday,” said Chito Maniago, Zuellig Pharma Government Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Head.

The company also held its “KumuZtahan Thursdays” -- a virtual meet-up where former and present senior company leaders inspired the community of employees with their various resounding success stories. And as a nod to the heritage of the Philippines, the company likewise held an exciting “Siglo Food Trip Friday,” offering Pinoy food in a fun jeepney set-up for employees. The local organizing team also ran a Trivia Tournament with interesting questions about Zuellig Pharma’s 100-year history for all colleagues. 

“I am truly grateful for the efforts of our employees and committee members in making sure our celebration is truly enriching and meaningful. It was inspiring to hear various Zuellig Pharma leaders’ success stories, and this only motivates us to do even more for our fellow Filipinos in the next years to come,” said Mel Cinco, Zuellig Pharma local celebration Committee Chair.

The company is set to mark its 100th year with a series of other breakthroughs in digital health innovations such as the eZHealth all-in-one virtual platform that will greatly help address the healthcare needs of thousands of patients, especially during this pandemic, along with a host of integrated key solutions developed to reach both patients and healthcare professionals effectively. Zuellig Pharma will continue to be a strong and competent commercial distribution organization to help tackle the various health needs of Filipinos wherever province they are. The company will leverage on its state-of-the-art supply chain processes and facilities to ensure health efficiencies are met with and for its broad range of clients and partners in the country today. 

A healthcare provider in the Philippines, Zuellig Pharma’s story began in 1901 when Frederick E. Zuellig sailed to Manila in search of an international business career. In 1912, Zuellig joined Lutz y Cía, a firm owned by a Swiss family who started to trade in the Philippines in the 1850s. Zuellig became a partner in this firm, subsequently acquiring full ownership and incorporating it in 1922. In its early years, F. E. Zuellig, Inc. operated as a general merchant, agent, distributor, manufacturer, exporter and importer in diverse fields, such as healthcare products. In 1938, Zuellig organized a Drug Department to specialize in the importation, marketing and distribution of healthcare products. Over the years, Zuellig Pharma developed into an autonomous operation and became one of the flagship businesses of the Zuellig Group.

For more information, visit www.zuelligpharma.com. For health and sustainability partnerships, please email: CorpCommPH@zuelligpharma.com.  08/27/2022 (Runner Rocky)

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