B-Boy Engski and B-Girl Yani Showcase Their Incredible Talent Emerging Them Victorious in the First Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher Philippines!

Runner Rocky x Red Bull for another dance coverage! And this time, its for a dance breaker competition leading the winners to the international stage!  

Well without further ado, let me share with you the story of the recently concluded regional level of this competition and let's get to know the winning breakers! Here it goes:

B-Boy Engski and B-Girl Yani showcased their incredible talent and skill, emerging victorious from a competitive field of over 80 other breakers at the first-ever Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher Philippines last March 7, 2024 at Apotheka, Manila.

Among the fierce competition, these two dancers demonstrated exceptional skill which captivated both the audience and judges alike, earning them the prestigious title of Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher Philippines Champions. With their victory, they solidify their status as two of the finest breakers in the Philippines, starting their journey onto the global stage.

As winners of the Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher Philippines, B-Boy Engski and B-Girl Yani, together with second place finishers,  B-Boy Killafour and B-Girl Liz, will travel to Indonesia to represent their country at the upcoming Red Bull BC One Southeast Asia Regional Final this March 22nd. The stakes couldn't be higher, as the regional champion in Indonesia will secure a coveted wild card slot at the Last Chance Cypher  for the Red Bull BC One World Final in Brazil later this year.

“I’m grateful that a big event like this was held here in the Philippines, as the B-boy and B-girl communities are hungry for it. We are grateful, and we hope that they will continue to visit and host large events like this to provide possibilities for us coming from the Philippines,“ expressed by the breaker from Quezon City, B-Boy Engksy.

Meanwhile, B-Girl Yani shared her excitement about the inclusion of B-Girls in the Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher. She sees it as a significant step forward for the breaking community.

“I'm happy because this is the first time Red Bull BC One is in the Philippines and will feature a 1-v-1 category. Now that they've opened it for B-girls, I'm overjoyed and overwhelmed because it's not just for me, but for the entire breaking community,” she stated.

Leading up to the Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher, the Red Bull BC One All Stars engaged with the local dance community through a series of workshops spearheaded by renowned Filipino breakers such as B-Boy Ronnie and B-Girl Logistx. This initiative aimed to foster connections and inspire the next generation of dancers. 

“I think they (Breakers) need more events like this, they need to get more support. And also, we did a session with them and they just need more opportunities to battle, travel, and to build with one another. They need more opportunities to connect within different cities." B-Boy Ronnie stressed.

B-Girl Logistx also added that the breaking community needs more support, funding, and events like Red Bull BC One.

“A lot of the [Filipino] breakers are so dope, but what I think holds them back in terms of opportunities is just the visibility. So we can have more of that, which people like myself and Ronnie are pitching for. And connecting with others to bring that visibility, and the support here and for them to stay inspired and keep it up, which I know they will,” she emphasized.

With breaking included in the Paris Summer Olympics for the first time, the Red Bull BC One All Stars eagerly embraced the opportunity to engage with the vibrant local dance community. This initiative underscored Red Bull’s dedication to promoting dance, arts, and culture in the Philippines and also amplified the significance of breaking on a global stage. 

The Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher Philippines marks a pivotal moment for the country's breaking scene, showcasing the talent and passion that exists within its borders. As B-Boy Engski, B-Boy Killafour, B-Girl Yani, and B-Girl Liz gear up to represent the Philippines on the regional (SEA) stage, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of a nation, poised to leave an indelible mark on the global breaking community.

For more highlights and updates on B-Boy Engski, B-Boy Killafour, B-Girl Yani, and B-Girl Liz’s journey to the Red Bull BC One World Final, follow Red Bull Philippines’ social media channels at Facebook,  Instagram, and TikTok, and Red Bull BC One’s official website.

Once more congratulations to all the winners! Good luck on your international battle! Bring home the bacon! 03/09/2024 (Runner Rocky) 


Red Bull BC One is a global one-on-one breaking competition. Every year thousands of breakers compete for a chance to represent at the World Final. With 20 World Finals hosted in major cities around the world since 2004, Red Bull BC One has 90+ events and programs in 30 markets. Red Bull BC One is also home to one of the most competitive breaking crews in the world, the Red Bull BC One All Stars.

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