Online Video Games For Free that Brings Back the Child in Me!

Most of us are already working professionals just like yours truly Runner Rocky. We are currently busy in our daily work activities to beat different deadlines and we have so limited time to do play or do other activities outside the office.

But as you all know, yours truly Runner Rocky is always busy not only in my daily professional job but also in different things such as blogging, attending and covering events, or doing different fitness activities like gym workouts, running, and dancing! And recently, I found out an exciting online video games that definitely brings back the child in me!  

Yes, I'm kid at heart that's why I always look young and always mistakenly identify as a Gen Z (such a compliment!) because of my different fitness activities and healthy lifestyle. I always love to play online video games specially the time that Facebook introduced such games like FarmVille, FishVille, and Cafe World! I got addicted playing those games back then. But when Facebook evolved and Social Media dominates the current generation, these favorite games of mine were not anymore existing! But thanks God that a money and financial website, the Mortgage Calculator brought us different online video games for free in the gaming section of their website called the Money Games.    

It's great to know that their website offers over 100 different educational, fun, free and ad-free online video games for kids and kid at heart (just like me) across the following categories namely:

  • Money Games: counting money and making change.These games are a fun way to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication while also learning about money.
  • Real Estate Games: buy and sell properties, make a thriving LEGO city, and clean up a mess or germs. You can also build stable structures, or use dynamite to blow up structures.
  • Cryptocurrency Games: An easy to understand introduction to financial speculation and bubbles. Our games feature Bitcoin and the modern day tulips - NFTs.
  • Farming Simulation Games: grow a virtual farm, or build a farming-based business.
  • Grocery Store Games: run a supermarket and keep items stocked.
  • Restaurant Simulation Games: run a coffee shop, a burger stand, or a pizzaria.
  • Business Simulation Games: build a mining business, run a jewelry shop, become a florist, or become a corporate overlord.
  • Software Development Games: STEM games teaching children about coding logic along with how software is made and tested, along with an idle clicker game focused on building successful startup businesses
  • Office Politics Games: whimsical ragdoll clicker game can be used to explain internal competition, conflict resolution & team building, and an endless runner
  • Environmental Games: recycling, green energy, and resource management
  • Platformer Games: the types of games which were inspired by the original Nintendo Super Mario Brothers game.
  • Other Fun Games: games we like but which did not neatly fit in any of the above categories including a couple food related games

From these different categories, I have played some of the games they offered. And my top five favorites are the following:

1. The Cooking Street:

The Cooking Street Game of the Mortgage Calculator website is actually a restaurant simulation online video game. Imagine that you have your own restaurant and you are serving food and drinks to your customer. You need to cook depending on the order of your customer. You should cook as fast as possible to that you can serve immediately your customer. Once the food was left overcooked on the stove, it will get burn and it will go directly to trash can.  

The Cooking Game is also serving drinks and beverage. You need to prepare the drink ordered by the customer the same procedure applied as with the cooking of the food. 

If you serve more number of food or drinks than the number of customers, then they will spoiled and will also go directly to trash and will count them as left over or loss on your sales.

I love this game making it as the No. 1 in my list simply because yours truly Runner Rocky loves to cook! Remember my previously cooking vlogs and recipes in my YouTube channel?

And of course, this game also makes you alert and a responsible person. Because if you are not alert with the number of orders and the number of your customers versus the number of food and drink servings, they may get overcooked or spoiled and will eventually go directly into trash counting them as loss in your sales.

2. The Farm Factory:

This game is so cute! I love the chicken! They are continuously multiplying and growing in numbers every time you are successfully raising them! 

The game is simply like managing your own farm of chicken! You are harvesting the eggs making your earrings grow and at the same time increasing the number of chicken in your farm! 

This is my second most loved game I've played in the Mortgage Calculator simply because it reminds me of the FarmVille of Facebook bringing back my memorable days of 2010! And yes, playing this game makes me so chill! It's so fun playing with it!

3. The Construction Worker Dance Revolution:

This game brings back the popular Dance Revo or the Dance Revolution of the late 90's and early 2000's! The construction worker will dance based from direction of your keyboard arrows either up, down, left, or right following the direction on the screen.

You will choose the song on the three categories - Working Hard, Clock Out, or Safety First. 

Again just like the previous online video games that I've played here in Mortgage Calculator, you must be alert in following the direction of the arrows. Otherwise, you won't successfully completed the game! 

I love this game simply because I love dancing! Oh well if you check my recent vlogs in my YouTube channel and my latest Social Media posts, they are more on dancing, dance classes, or choreography classes following steps and instructions from my favorite dance coaches!

4. The Grocery Game:

This game brings you to the world of grocery or supermarket! It will hire you as their cashier doing the functions and responsibilities of cashier on the grocery! 

The game is simple and tricky at the same time. You will enter the price of the different items purchased, tallying them, then applying the different vouchers and discounts offered by the grocery. 

I got low scores playing this online game because I got tricked with the money paid by my customers. But yes, it will harness your brain while playing it!

This game also brings back my good old memories working with Safeway as their Business Systems Analyst and Quality Assurance Engineer back then because I simulate and act as cashier as I test their systems and equipments in their dedicated laboratories. 

5. The Coffee Shop:

And last but not the least on my list is no other than the Coffee Shop Game! Yes, this game makes you an owner of your coffee shop! 

You own your own coffee shop and you are serving coffees to your customers! You will prepare the type of coffee either latte, frappe, cappuccino, americano, matcha, etc. depending on the cravings of your customers!

And since yours truly Runner Rocky is a coffee lover, I relate much to this game! It makes me a coffee shop owner and a barista at the same time! Great! 

Overall, all these games are so fun! They will let you relax and escape the busy real world! What more, all these games are FREE and very educational and informative well-suited to the kids! They were also great mind testers making your brain sharp! 

If Cooking Street, Farm Factory, Construction Worker Dance Revolution, Grocery Game, and Coffee Shop are my top five favorite online video games from Free Money Games of the Mortgage Calculator website, then what's yours? Well, feel free to try some of those other games offered by the website and return back to me here in Runner Rocky and share your thoughts and experience! Afterwards, let's discuss! 06/17/2024 (Runner Rocky) 

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