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AmCham ScholaRun is Supposed to Be My Very First Run

On May 2014, our company sponsored their employees a running event called the American Chamber Run for Scholar  or the so-called AmCham ScholaRun.

It was supposed to be my very first major running event. Since it was my first run, I registered for the 5K or 5 kilometer category. Only the first 100 runners to cross the finish line will have their medal.  

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to run! Yes, I came late 'cause of the traffic in our area. My gun time for my category was 5am. But, I came to the venue at 6am. So sad, all my officemates already finished their race. But me in my case just arrived! So, I didn't anymore run. I just enjoyed taking pictures with my running attire, with my running teammates, and with the medal which I borrowed from my officemate friend.

Frustrated on this run, I've promised to myself that I will exceed and run on the next major running event!  - Runner Rocky

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