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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Team Runner Rocky on a Back-To-Back Tough Fight for Guerilla Race, Sagada Marathon, and T2M!

This week of February 25-26, 2017 is another busy week for the boygroup of sports and digital community Team Runner Rocky! But this week will be a tougher week for the team as we will conquer back-to-back competitive races! 

Starting on a Saturday night, three of the boygroup's members were divided into two races namely the Sagada Marathon and the Tagaytay to Maragondon (T2M) Ultramarathon!

The team's hiker and mountain lover Paolo Mesina will run and climb the Sagada Marathon. On the other hand, Julius Ceasar Aquebay and Jcv Jim Villanueva will conquer the two categories of T2M Ultramarathon.  Julius will be in a two-man relay while Jim will have his first ultramarathon taking T2M in full 50Km.

The Heartthrobs of Team Runner Rocky to Surpass the Challenges of Guerilla Race Altaraza

Team Runner Rocky for a Back-to-Back Sagada Marathon and Tagaytay-to-Maragondon Ultramarathon

Looking fresh and handsome of our good luck poster, the four members of the team including yours truly Runner Rocky will surpass the challenges of the premier obstacle race in the country, the Guerilla Race, now in its new terrain, in Altaraza, San Jose, Del Monte, Bulacan.

The Guerilla Race Altaraza 2017 will be Runner Rocky's 4TH time now with Guerilla Race. But, this will be the very first to our new members Homer Cunanan, Ardjay Pugal, and the Igorot Runner Ruean CId (RC) Tagtagon. Their first run as Team Runner Rocky  members or Rocksters is an obstacle race!

This is also the first time of Teng Lequin and Albert Dairo to join the Guerilla Race!

Runner Rocky is Getting Ready for His 4TH Guerilla Race

Good luck to us Team Runner Rocky! Let's run safe and injury free! And of course, let's finish our respective races strong and kicking! 

Altaraza, Sagada, Tagaytay, and Maragondon - four places to conquer by the nine members of Team Runner Rocky! 02/25/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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Friday, February 24, 2017

How Mac Belo Plays on Top of His Game

Want more of the inspiring and fitspiring story of athletes and players?! Well, after sharing with you the most talk about stories of your favorite celebrities, runners, fitness enthusiasts, or members of our very own boygroup, let's take a look now on the humble beginning of today's most promising player in the field basketball. 

From an FEU varsity to PBA player to Gilas Pilipinas representative up to an endorser of Blackwater, let's get to know the hard court's Mac Belo! 

Rey Mark “Mac” Belo, the newest endorser of Blackwater for Men, looks every inch an athlete on camera and in person – standing six feet four inches tall with a muscular build that can only be acquired from hours spent studying screen drills, acing his shots and dribbles in the basketball court.

Mac Belo enters Philippine basketball’s big leagues with Blackwater

However, his imposing frame hides a shy personality. The soft-spoken Mac admits that he is still not comfortable with interviews, preferring to be seen in action. 

A native of Midsayap, Cotabato, Mac first became known for his buzzer-beater shots against De La Salle University and Ateneo de Manila University, where he led his alma mater, Far Eastern University (FEU), to their back-to-back finals spot in the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP). He finished strong in his final playing year by clinching a UAAP championship and bagging the Most Valuable Player award. 

Now a power forward for Blackwater Elite of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and also part of the pool of players for the Gilas Philippine National Team, the player admitted that he was a late-bloomer in basketball. 

“My love for the sport started in high school. My older brother was the one who got me into basketball, and I began to enjoy it when my friends encouraged me to join the varsity. After that, I was given the opportunity to play for FEU where I was given proper training, and my career took off from there,” he says.  

But moving from college to professional basketball was a different playing field for him. Training sessions grew more intense with three hours of practice daily, and getting drafted into the PBA meant competing with other athletes whose skill level in the sport match his own. 

Mac shares, “Being able to play professional basketball is a big achievement for me, but it also took a lot of discipline and hard work to earn my PBA spot.” These and love for the sport have paid off: he has become one of PBA Philippine Cup’s top rookie players in the first half of its 2016-2017 conference, helping his team earn three straight wins for the first time since its inception. 

With this newfound recognition, he acknowledges the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He stresses, “Even off court, I’m constantly trying to improve my skills. I work on strengthening exercises at the gym.” Besides pushing his body to its limits with daily training sessions, he adds, “I try to get enough sleep and eat healthy, in fact I trained myself to avoid pork and oily food. I also maintain a good personal hygiene by taking a shower before and after practice, and using Blackwater Men’s spray to keep me smelling good even while training.” 

Indeed, Mac Belo’s dedication, discipline, and passion for the sport not only make him one of the sought-after rookie athletes of his generation, but also the perfect personality to be included in Blackwater’s roster of highly regarded endorsers. 

To know more about Blackwater and its products, visit and follow its official Facebook page, Follow the progress of the Blackwater Elite team at 02/24/2017 (Runner Rocky) 

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

12 Reasons Why We Need to Join the Eco Park Half Marathon 2017

Months to go and we will finally explore the fresh beautiful view of Pampanga via the much anticipated provincial race, the Eco Park Half Marathon 2017. 

But wait, if you haven't avail your slot yet, register now before its too late! Seven more days to go and registration will be closed since few slots were left.

Secure Your Slot in the Ecopark Half Marathon Before It Last

The Eco Park Half Marathon 2017 will be taking place this March 26, 2017 at Sta. Rita, Pampanga. This is organized by the Smoke10 Events by the Smoke10 Runners, the running organizer behind the successful Orani Half Marathon (August 2016) and ColoRUN for Mission (November 2016).

After you secured your slot, you will enjoy these 12 Benefits of joining this half marathon in Pampanga. Here they go:

1. Feel the fresh friendly route smooth with no uphills or downhills with fresh air away from the pollution we experience during the city races in Manila. 

2. Enjoy the beautiful view of Eco Park, one of the travelers' attraction in Pampanga.

3. Grab the golden pendant-type medal in the shape of a leaf when you finish he race. Great to know that all the finishers of all the categories will receive this must-have medal! 

A Nature Inspire Actual Medal for All the Finishers

A Fresh Green Singlet for All the Runners

4. Wear this fresh green singlet during the race. Promise, the singlet is comfortable to wear as the silk is made from quality materials. 

5. For the 21K finishers, they will have a fresh green finisher shirt certifying them that they were already a half-marathoner! 

6. The race is not all about a fun run. It is also a charity race. Proceeds will be use on the 5th year Medical, dental and surgical mission of the Hearbeat of the Mission.

Let's Go Green As We Conquer the Race

7. This running event is also a run for nature! Hence, the singlet and fs were all green depicting the nature and the medal is very nature inspired! So when you're a certified nature lover, definitely you will also join and enjoy this race.

8. This event is also the blogger-runner Runner Rocky and race director Jner Manalang's post and pre birthday celebrations! Rocky's birthday will be on March 19 while RD Jner is on March 28.  A double treat indeed!

9. Have a chance to meet the LSD Addicts, a group of runners with different specializations and learn some running tips and tricks from them. 

This Race Will Be Runner Rocky and Jner Manalang's Post Birthday Celebrations

Have a Tour in This Iconic House Where Famous Movies were Filmed

10. Remember the Claudine Barretto-Aga Muchlach movie "Kailangan Kita"  or the star-studded Star Cinema 90's film "Tanging Yaman|" or the iconic film "Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang"? Yes, all of them were filmed in the ancient house above. You will experience the setting and the same feelings of the characters in the said movies because it's near the place. You may have a tour on if after the race. 

11. Pace with your crush runners because different pacers from the different running teams will guide you in your chosen distance and target time! Yup, members of our very own Team Runner Rocky including yours truly are also pacers of the 21K category. So run and have a selfie with the boygroup of the sports and digital community, Team Runner Rocky.

12. Since the route is runner-friendly, this race is a perfect training ground for the newbie runners. And yes, this is also a great venue to the competitive runners who want to finish the race victorious in the finish line. Therefore, this race accommodates all the types of runners! 

There's No Age Limit to Join! Even Kids Can Enjoy the Route!

For now this is only 12 great things about the Eco Park Half Marathon. But after you finish the race and feel the good venue, your list will definitely increase! So feel free to share your own experience and shout out your thoughts below in our comment box after the actual race!

See you in Pampanga runners this March 26 and let's run together! 02/23/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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Video: Get Ready for the Challenges of The Guerilla Race Altaraza 2017

"Susubukan ang lakas at mapapatunayan ang galing... Kakayanin mo ba ang mga hamon ng Guerilla Race Altaraza?"

It's a Guerilla Race season once again. After we conquered the obstacles in Corregidor last year, it's time now to face and surpass another set of challenges in another new terrain - in Altaraza!

Altaraza is located in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. It's a ride away when you're in SM Fairview. A bus going to Tungko Bulacan will take you into the actual venue.

From Filinvest City, Alabang (2014), to Ninoy Aquino Wildlife, Quezon City (2015), to Tanay Rizal (2015), to Corregidor (2016), time now to return the obstacles in the North, in Altaraza. Hence this year's edition is called Guerilla Race Altaraza.

Check out Team Runner Rocky's video spiel Vlog TVC for Guerilla Race 2017 Altaraza below:

This obstacle race will be Runner Rocky's fourth time with Guerilla. And this year, I'll be running and bringing my very own group, the Team Runner Rocky. Will be conquering the Warrior category or the 10K distance with obstacles.

So see you all this Sunday, February 26, 2017 in Altaraza and let's face our fears, surpass the challenges, and finish the race victorious! "Finish the race or die trying?!" Let's go and run with us! 02/23/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nelson Cuevas - February 2017 Calendar Boy #TeamRunnerRocky

"Count your blessings, be a blessing to others. Be thankful and appreciate everything what you have." 
- Nelson Cuevas

"The Lover Boy" ... not only to his special someone, but also a lover of fitness, of music, and of course of running. Definitely, no doubt why Nelson Cuevas is our Team Runner Rocky's very own Calendar Boy for the month of FEBRUARY 2017.  And yes, just like your typical crush in college, Nelson even snatched the heartthrob status making him one of the head turners in the running community.   

Talk, dark, and handsome...the qualities of the legendary Pinoy heartthrob Richard Gomez are also the qualities flaunted by our very own Nelson Cuevas. Hence, he hailed the title of "Richard Gomez of the Running Community." 

What more do we need to know about Nelson?! Well, let's take this oppurtunity to have an up, close, and personal encounter with the man of the hour, Mr. Nelson Cuevas!

Born on January 31, 1988Nelson Cuevas Pesngot, 29 from Antipolo City is a runner and a fitness enthusiast. He loves spending time in gym, with his family, and with his girlfriend. His profession is a BPO Process Expert in Maersk.  

Nelson's name was derrived from "Nel" which means "son."  It was incorporated by his father's name Nilo.

Nelson is Also a Lover of EDM and Rock Music

Nelson Loves to Run in Skyway!

Nelson was introduced in the running community via the 2015 Run United 2 wherein he conquered 21K. Coach Rio Dela Cruz inspires and motivates him to run!

 "I run because I want to get fit and achieve my goals," Nelson shared why he is active on running.  

But aside from running, Nelson is also a fitness enthusiast who loves to workout in gym. According to him, if he's not a runner, he will be a typical gym-goer!

Now, let's go to your favorite part - a more up close with Nelson! If Nelson is your crush, definitely, you will let him answer your slum book! And that's what I've prepared for you!

Meet Our Very Own "Richard Gomez"

Nelson's favorite color is Blue. He loves to eat Sinigang na Baboy (alam na kung ano ang ihahain mo sa kanya)! His hobby and favorite hangout are running and gym! Definitely if you ask him for a date, you may choose the nearest gym or run with him in a particular running event!

Nelson is also a lover of music. He loves Electronic Dance Music (EDM) & Rock. In terms of showbiz and entertainment, his favorite actress, actor, and singer are Teresa Palmer, Tom Cruise, and Bruno Mars respectively. 

To run a marathon outside the country is Nelson's greatest dream!

Now let's go to a more intimate facts about Nelson. Are you ready?!

What do you think is Nelson's sexiest part of the body? Yeah you're right - dimples and shoulders. He has a perfect smile and a broad shoulder.

According to Nelson, his shoe size is 9.5 or 10 depending on the shoe style. Alright, perform your own Mathematical calculation!

Fitness Couple Nelson and Michelle Loves to Hangout Together in Gym

NeChelle is Team Runner Rocky's Favorite Love Team

Intelligent and open-minded person attracts Nelson. He's looking to an independent person. He don't likes person with a childish attitude. 

Sorry to break your hearts, Nelson is already taken. The lucky girl is no other than Ms. Michelle Theona. But before Michelle, Nelson had 3 ex-girlfriends which lasted for 8.5 years in total.

When and where Nelson met Michelle? 

"I met Michelle in Ynares Antipolo, October 23, 2016 when we're having our training, " Nelson revealed.

What will be the "loveteam" name of Nelson and Michelle? It's NeChelle.

The Heartthrobs of Team Runner Rocky

Nelson Also Excels in His Professional Career

When I've asked Nelson about his secret in maintaining a good relationship, he prompted:

"First, constant communication syempre kailangan mo syang i-update what's going on with you. Second, you need to gain her trust. Third, make her feel that she is secured with you. Fourth, don't make her jelous (selosa kasi si Michelle, lol). And fifth, make her feel that she's one and only."

That's really wonderful answers from a wonderful question. You already Nelson! Uwian na daw mga bes, may nanalo na lolz!

About Nelson fitness regimens, he shared that he workout at least 4x a week and run once a week. Wow! Definitely hailing them as one of the sexy couples like below: 

The Signature Sexy Back Pose of Couples Nelson and Michelle

How can you inspire others Nelson? - "By maintaining my positive attitude towards physical fitness 
because health is wealth."

And our last question for our February Calendar Boy, How to be you poh Kuya Nelson?!

"Just be yourself, be simple and humble, do what makes you happy. Stay humbly handsome as much as you can. Haha," he responded.

Oops wait, there's more... "When you feel that you have the perfect timing in achieving your goals, don't hesitate to pursue it,"  Nelson's inspiring message.

Thank you Nelson Cuevas, Team Runner Rocky's one of the pioneer heartthrob members for having a date with us! Good luck and more power to you and to Michelle. Keep on inspiring us! 02/22/2017 (Runner Rocky) 

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Prepare for the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2017

"Together We Run For Earth..."

This April 23, 2017, prepare for another edition of the running event dedicated for our mother earth, the National Geographic (NatGeo) Earth Day Run. 

Once more, 5 cities around Asia will unite and will run together in one race day. The running event will again simultaneous in Hongkong, Manila, China, Singapore, and Taipei.

In Manila, the race will be back at the SM Mall of Asia. Race categories are still 5K, 10K, 21K (Half Marathon), and 42K (Full Marathon).

Stay tune for further details as we reveal the singlet, finisher shirt, medals, and registration details such as the registration fees and online and in-store venues.

This will be Runner Rocky's third time around with NatGeo. In 2015, I've ran 21K in this race while in 2016, I conqured 42K which marked my second full marathon in the field of running.

So get ready, prepare yourself, and let's run together as one this April for the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2017! 02/21/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Enjoy the Party and Run for a Cause in the Very First Plantronics' Backbeat Run 2017

Runner Rocky is always great to be part and introduce to you the newest innovations in the field of running. We had been part and witnessed the pioneer running events like The Music Run, The Bubble Run, The Li-Ning Manila Run, The CNY Lucky Run, The OYM Trilogy, The Gatorade Run,  The OMNI Light of Change Run, The Love Locks Fair, so on and so forth...

This time, let me introduce to you another pioneer running event in the country which will take you in the full blast party this Summer! Runners, get ready to know the very first Plantronics Backbeat Run for a Cause 2017!

The Official Poster of the Plantronics Backbeat Run 2017

Plantronics, a pioneer audio and wearable technology have created new trends that allow people to simply communicate. The continuous discovery of innovation is not limited to creating technology but also represent social responsibility to its consumer. 

This year Plantronics Philippines would like to present “BACKBEAT RUN FOR A CAUSE 2017” a half marathon event happening  on May 28, 2017 at Bonifacio Global Center. The race is open to sports enthusiast, people with active lifestyle  and young professionals with  5K | 10k | 16K | 21K category.

This event will not only support the running community but also for the benefit of KYTHE FOUNDATION INC.  a non-profit, non-stock organization aimed towards improving the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer. In celebration of its 25th years of giving hope through simple sharing and togetherness.   

Check out the perks of this another exciting fun run when you register:
The Medal Deigns for All The Finishers

The Race Singlet

The Colorful Sun Visor

The Sling Bags

The Cool Slap Bracelets

But wait, you may get this Plantronics ML15 Bluetooth Headset when you register online at:

Get This FREE Bluetooth Headset When You Register Online

Plantronics strong campaign to practice hands free driving supports the Government RA No. 10913 Anti-Distracted Driving Act that will penalize drivers who use mobile phone and electronic devices while driving. Therefore, runners who will register online will get special limited offer of Plantronics ML15 worth 995.00 Php. ML15 is a Mobile Bluetooth headset that allows user to enjoy mobile call without holding the phone.

The race is not the usual running event, runners will also have the chance to enjoy extra ordinary on-ground activities and after party concert. Watch out for the performance from the most interesting up-and-coming bands in the music industry and guest DJ. 

The ultimate summer run party is coming very soon! 

Are you excited?! Just stay tune as we announce exciting promos on the coming days! 02/21/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Get to Know MJ Tam - The Sports and Fitness Enthusiast Playing 'Bestfriend' in the Jollibee TVC

The 2017 Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series TV commercials aired on the Valentines week instanly becomes viral and a trending topic in the world wide web. Of the three TVCs, "Vow" turned to be hottest sensation among the viewers and netizens.

"Vow" is all about the story of a man who is secrectly inloved with his girl bestfriend. But in the end, the girl is married to another man which trully broke the hearts of many viewers.

Well, here is the said TVC for you to watch again: 

Of the three characters, the man playing the character of the bestfriend easily captivated the hearts of viewers and netizens! many got curious about him! Well, the serach is over! Because in our post for today, let me introduce to you MJ Tam - the guy who plays the bestfriend in the '"Vow" Jollibee TVC.

MJ Tam or Mark Joseph Tam  is actually a Filipino-Thai model and bodybuilder. He was the 2014 Mutant Bodybuilding Champion and Physique Tall and Overall Champion at Shawn Rhoden Classic 2014.

Here are some of his fitness photos courtesy of his official Facebook account showing his love for fitness:

MJ is a Body Builder Who Joined in Different Body-Building Competition

Gym is MJ's Regular Playground

Intense Workout Keeps Him Fit and Sexy

But aside from being a fitness enthusiast, did you know that MJ is also a hiker, a traveler, and an outdoor sports lover?!

Check out more of his photos below showing his other hobbies:

MJ is Also A Hiker 

MJ Loves to Travel and Already Explored Some Part of the World

He Loves Adventures and Outdoor Sports

MJ Tam is a Certified Bodybuilder and A Fitness Enthusiast

Stay tune because in the coming days, yours truly Runner Rocky will be having an exclusive video interview with this hunk. And of course, get ready to see him in the upcoming TV projects soon! 02/17/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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Run with Your Best Undies in the Century Tuna Superbods The Underpants Run 2017

Do you experience running topless or just wearing a two-piece in the major running event?! Or what did you feel seeing a runner running only wearing a tight or a boxer short with no shirt on top flaunting his sexy hot body?!

Well this March 11, 2017, experience once more the hottest running event in the country, our very own version of the Kona Underpants Run, the Century Tuna Superbods The Underpants Run 2017.

Yes, this is a 3K run wherein runners will run in their best undies flaunting their sexy hot body! The event will still take place in Subic Bay Yacht Club. The gunstart is 9:30AM.

Don't worry if you don't have a six-packed abs or a chiseled upper body because this race is OPEN TO ALL! Even though you didn't feel that sexy but you have the guts to run half naked, you're still welcome to join! 

Check out below some of the actual photos during the last year's event credit to and

The Finalists of the 2016 Century Tuna Superbods Led Last Year's Event

The 'Heat' was Unstopable at the Start Line of the Race

The Superbods Running in Their Best Undies

Heat Wave on the Road

Are You Ready to Run in Your Best Undies This Year Just Like Them Before?

Are you inspired now to take off your clothes and run half-naked?! By the way, the hunk members of our boygroup, the Team Runner Rocky will dare to take the challenge and run topless in best undies for this hot fun run! Do you want to know who they are?! Well, check out and follow our official Facebook Fanpage via and subscribe to our official YouTube channel via to get the latest updates about our hunk members!

Let's start the summer and inspire others to get fit and fab via this hot running event! 02/17/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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The Medal, The Finisher Shirt, and The Reasons Behind The Run United Exceed 2017

The great change in the running community this 2017 took place when Active Health announced that Run United  is stand alone running event with a 21K distance and is separated to the Runrio Trilogy. 

According to Active Health, the major organizer of Run United, the major change to this much anticipated running event in the country is because they are aspiring to bring a race experience comparable to a world marathon major in a half marathon distance. 

The name of the race is now renamed to Run United Exceed 21K. The concept is to shatter ones perception of time - to go against your greatest enemy, yourself. This race will give birth to the next generation of high performing Half-Marathoners that have the relentless drive and determination to exceed the time you have set for yourself through proper training and sports nutrition.
The objective is not just to be good but to EXCEED.

Then what are the changes expected in this renewed running event?! Well, check out the following:

1. Exclusive medal for sub 2.5 hours’ finishers.

2. FREE UNDER ARMOUR shoes to the Top 15 negative split medal finishers.

3. The course is lined up with cheer stations in key locations to keep the runners motivated and to help them boost their morale.

4. To further add to the thrill of the race is the moving cut off banner making sure runners make it in time. 

5. All participants are also entitled to discounted privileges from partner merchants and a Run United Exceed Kit inclusive of race shirt, event shirt and other items. 

6. Guaranteed slots to Angkor Wat International Full Marathon or Angkor Wat International Half Marathon await 2 lucky finishers. 

Meanwhile, check out the medal and the finisher shirt design below:

Details of the race are as follow:

What: Run United Exceed 21K
When: April 2, 2017
Where: Bonifacio Global City

Register with the following Registration Fee - 21K – P1350 (Regular) | P1550 (Late)

Online Registration: Click Here

In-Store Registration Venues:

Race Inclusions:

– Finisher’s Medal (exclusive to 2.5hour finishers)
– ActiveHealth Race Shirt and ActiveHealth Event Shirt
– Race bib with D-tag
– Finisher’s Kit
– Raffle Entry to a guaranteed complimentary slot for 2 to Angkor Wat International Marathon or Ankor Wat Half International Marathon

What is your opinion in this major change in the Run United?! Do you find it more competitive than the previous races?! Feel free to express your thoughts and comments in our message box below. 02/17/2017 (Runner Rocky)

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