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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Team Cholo Flight to Conquer the South and the North Runs via Two Major Races

This Sunday, October 23, 2016, the fastest-rising #GoodVibes multisports team, the Team Cholo Flight were divided into two groups to dominate two major running events from two different territories. Two groups, the Team South for an ultramarathon and the Team North for a running trilogy.

Eight TCF members are labelled as South runners as they will conquer a 50K Ultramarathon in the Laguna 2 Quezon (L2Q) race. Jofel, Onin, Liza, Heaven, Kenmark, Mick, Rej, and Alfred comprised this group.      

On the other hand, seven members will navigate the North to complete the trilogy of On Your Mark (OYM). Edgar, Jaypee, Jekjek, Alwin, Paolo, Angelo, and yours truly Runner Rocky will take the 25K category in this Japanese-inspired fun run.   

TCF Runners Who Will Conquer the South via L2Q

TCF Runners Who Will Conquer the North via OYM 3

Definitely, we will bring home the pride! And even though we're on separated ways for these two runs, are goals and spirits are still one!

Meanwhile aside from these two running events, other members of the team, the group headed by Mark Santana are planning to hike the mountain in Mariveles, the historical place where this team was created.

Good luck to all of us team! Let's spread the good vibes in our respective events this weekend! (Runner Rocky)

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Team Cholo Flight: The Rise of the #GoodVibes Team in the Community

"Ang team na nagsimula sa isang simpleng barkadang mahilig mamundok..."

This is how we can describe the humble beginning of this multisports team, a small group that just started with only seven members last June 2016. But after four months, the group eventually grow into a huge team covering not only the running community nor the mountaineers, but also the world of multisport! And yes, this team is now creating a name in the community where we belong!  

Let me throw you back to the day when all started...

In the Beginning

It was Monday, June 13, 2016 when a group of seven friends namely Mark, Onin, Cholo, Nathan, Alwin, Sherwin, and Ramil decided to climb Mt. Tarak in Mariveles. They were not serious on forming a team on that day. They were just a simple barkada who loves to hike and explore the different mountains in the country. But since they have a common interest which is hiking or mountaineering, they keep their communications with one another so that whenever they have plans to climb on a particular mountain, they can easily contact one another. Their communication was constant via Facebook messenger and text.     

They Who Started The Team Cholo Flight - The Initial Members of the Team

In This Mountain, The Mt. Tarak in Mariveles is Where All Started!

In The Name of Passion

Maybe you wonder why the name of the team is Cholo Flight? Well, you're not alone since yours truly is also wondering how this name was derived. This is the story behind the name:

One day, Cholo invited the group to climb. It was Monday then (June 13) and all of them sacrificed that one working Monday just to be together. And since the seven of them have a group chat in Facebook, Mark suggested to have a group name.   

The team was initially named as Team Lunes (since it was an epic moment to climb a mountain on the start of the working days) and as Team Siete (obviously because they were seven in the team). They even used the hashtags #TeamLunes and #TeamSiyete powered by #pasadaPH in their posts. But it was Cholo who inspires them!

Since Cholo always use the hashtag #CholoFlight in all his Facebook posts, the team then agreed to name the group as Team Cholo Flight. And why Cholo is using the hashtag #CholoFlight?

Because of curiosity, one day, Runner Rocky then asked Cholo (when both of them were still together in their previous running team) after their ultramarathon in Cavite why he is using the said hashtag in all of his posts.   

"Cholo Flight, parang Solo Flight. Lagi kase akong mag-isa dati pag namumundok. Kaya sinasabi nila, oh cholo flight ka na naman," Cholo explained.   

Runner Rocky and the Team Cholo Flight Founder and Inspiration, Cholo Aban

The Unexpected Growth

After the formation of the team last June 13, 2016, many got interested with the group. More and more hikers and runners eventually join the team. The seven members then turn to 42 members as of October 14, 2016.

The team then turned into a multisports team (hence Team Cholo Flight MultiSports). It's because the team is now composed not only with active hikers and runners, but also with triathletes (swim, bike, run) with SBR masters! Runners were also those running both road and trail!   

It's also great to know that some of the runners even quit their previous team just to join this group. And yours truly is one of them! It's a choice that you will never regret!  

And since the team is now official with a huge number of members, the official logo and the official team tech shirt were also created: 
The Official Logo of Team Cholo Flight (TCF)

The Official Team Cholo Flight Tech Shirt

Spreading Good Vibes in the MultiSports Community

The team's main goal is to share good vibes to the whole sports community. They are open to every individual who are willing to take their chosen sports to the nth level.

Their vision is to guide all aspiring individuals in the field of multisports (running, swimming, biking, hiking) a home where they can be motivated and freely express themselves and reach their goals.

Their mission is to preserve and promote camaraderie in the multisports community with the goal of helping each other to stay fit, active for life, and to share #GoodVibes.

Now these already answer why Runner Rocky chose Team Cholo Flight over his previous running team! The qualities I've possessed fit to this team.

Runner Rocky is Now an Official Member of Team Cholo Flight

Runner Rocky's Very First Running Event as Team Cholo Flight

More and More Events as a Team

The team's hiking event in Mt. Tarak last June 13, 2016 marked Team Cholo Flight's very first event. It was followed by Caliraya 360 Marathon last September 11 where their official bib name was officially launched!  

In the 2016 Run United Philippine Marathon (RUPM) last October 2, they were officially launched as a team! And the team's first official out of town event was last October 8-9 in Puerto Galera. It was also Cholo's birthday celebration! 

And just last week, October 16, Runner Rocky had his first running event as a Team Cholo Flight member via The Running Addict. It was a memorable event for yours truly as typhoon Karen welcomed me to the team.

Team Cholo Flight is not into competition within the community. We are here to build a solid family who will work with other team/group if needed. We will support every event to the best of our team's capacity. We are simply #TeamCholoFlight spreading #GoodVibes to the community! And Runner Rocky is very proud to be with this team! (Runner Rocky)   

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Will the Singing Gwapulis Norman Wilemann III Follow the Footsteps of Neil Perez and Don Mcgyver?

If we are familiar with the dancing policeman before or with the model policemen today like Neil Perez and Don Mcgyver Cochico, get ready to meet another extraordinary man in uniform. This time, a singing policeman!

PO1 Norman A. Wileman III is known for his talent in singing. Actually, he already made his own cover versions of the hit songs like Beyonce's "Love on Top" and Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" and those versions immediately turned as viral videos on YouTube. No doubt why this young man grabbed the title of "Best in Talent" in the recently concluded Gwapulis 2016 pageant in the ABS-CBN's morning show, "Umagang Kayganda (UKG)."  

Norman even showcased his God's gift in singing during our recent The Running Addict  fun run serenading the runners who surpassed the challenge of the typhoon Karen!  

Gwapulis Norman A. Wileman III and Runner Rocky
Gwapulis Finalist Norman A. Wileman III and Runner Rocky

PO1 Norman A. Wileman III is Known for His Singing Talent

The said running event paved way for Norman and to yours truly Runner Rocky to crossed paths. And I took this opportunity to know this gwapulis better and share his inspiring story to my readers and co-runners.    

Despite his looks and talent, I've asked Norman why he still chose his profession as a policeman, he said that this is his dream since childhood. "Bata pa lang ako pangarap ko na'to. Nakikita ko kasi sa mga pulis 'ung paglilingkod sa bayan," he explained.

Norman even shared his fitness secrets to keep his hunk physique. According to him, it's both a proper diet and exercise!  

On the deeper side of our conversion, we discussed his colleagues Neil Perez and Don Mcgyver Cochico who were now hailed as international pageant grand winners. Is he eyeing to be like them in the future?!  And if given a chance to chose between being a model, a singer, or a policeman, what will he chose?! Well, find out his answers to my video interview below: 

Norman has his own band performing in different gigs. And yes, he is the lead vocalist, the leader of the band!

Just like Neil and Don, Norman belongs to the new generation of policemen (a gwapulis as they say) -  with talents and a celebrity in the making which truly sets good example to the citizens and inspires more people! Keep it up Norman and great meeting you! See you soon! (Runner Rocky) 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vlog: The Daranak Falls Spiel

Right after our ultramarathon navigating the uphills and downhills of the Tanay Camp, Rizal in the first ever Conquer Airflow 50K Ultramarathon Windfarm Challenge, yours truly Runner Rocky and my running buddy Julius Caesar Aquebay or the so-called 'Double A' tandem together with two of our Team Runner Rocky members had a fun-filled and relaxing sidetrip at the Daranak Falls.

Daranak Falls is actually one of the natural wonders and now a favorite tourist spot in Tanay Rizal. The place is a very relaxing getaway to enjoy swimming, chill your tired body, and bond with friends and family. This place then turned to be our relaxing therapy after our race.

Of course after our swimming, we had lots of photos and selfies just like the two below:

Posing Sexy on the Falls

Feel the Fresh Wet View

But one of the important things that we did in this natural view, we had created our first vlog or video blog together - a cool video spiel throwing catchy lines emphasizing the falls.

Here is our said video spiel, our very own version of travel vlog. Let's all watch this:

Initially, it was Runner Rocky alone doing his own hosting stint or travel vlog show. But I decided to have my co-host, my running buddy Julius to make the video more fun and interactive. And we were successful on this effort garnering more positive feedback on the social media.

You may also check out my official YouTube account, the Runner Rocky Channel to watch more cool videos like this and bring you more good vibes!

Until the next 'Double A'adventure folks! (Runner Rocky) 

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Team Cholo Flight Officially Welcomes Runner Rocky!

It's official... yours truly Runner Rocky is now a Team Cholo Flight member!

After deciding to exit my previous running team Tuesday last week, Runner Rocky then transferred to a new multisports team, the Team Cholo Flight (TCF), October 12, 2016. 
Wearing the yellow uniform with a 'C' hand sign, here is the newest TCF recruit, your very own Runner Rocky:

Runner Rocky is Now Official Team Cholo Flight Member

And just this Sunday, October 16, 2016, the first running event of Runner Rocky as a Team Cholo Flight member took place via "The Running Addict: Takbo Kontra Ilegal na Droga" held at the CCP Complex, Pasay City.

Check out below Runner Rocky's very first group photo with the Team Cholo Flight

Runner Rocky's First Group Photo with Team Cholo Flight

Runner Rocky's First Running Event with Team Cholo Flight

The Running Addict which marked as Runner Rocky's first running event with Team Cholo Flight was one of the bravest running event I've ever joined since the run pursue despite Metro Manila's Typhoon Signal No. 2 due to typhoon Karen! We ran in the rain across the wind all throughout the race! But still, we managed to finish strong and kicking and was able to dance after in the heavy rain falls! More of my The Running Addict stories later on my succeeding posts.   

Meanwhile, check out two more of my photos as a Team Cholo Flight member wearing our official shirt and doing the team's hand sign:

Runner Rocky Wearing the Team Cholo Flight Shirt

Runner Rocky First Time Doing the Team Cholo Flight Hand Sign

I will share more details about my new team in my next post. 

So from  now on, Runner Rocky will be doing the 'C' sign and will be wearing the yellow team uniform in the major running events carrying the new team name, the Team Cholo Flight! Yes, I'm very much excited to work with this team and join in their upcoming multisports events! (Runner Rocky)       

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Obesity Against the Five Major Human Organs

Many of us hate being fat or overweight. It's already a dilema for most people when their weight exceeds the limit. And yes, many children or teenagers were bullied because of being fat and overweight.

When I asked some of my co-runners why they run, most of them will answer, "gusto kong pumayat" or "ayaw kong tumaba!" They even go to gym to trim their weights. Or worst, some totally eat less (diet daw) basta pumayat! But aside from the outside physical appearance, what are the important things that we should need to know about being fat, overweight, or being obsessed?!  

Obesity is always associated to fat and overweight. But did you know that there's an in-depth health issue about this?! 

After sharing with you health posts about liver, diabetes, and other health risks in my recent articles, let yours truly Runner Rocky tackle today some of the things we need to know about obesity!

The Organs Affected by Obesity

Take Time to Monitor Your Weight

 Let's Help Fight Obesity

Obesity does not just mean you’re fat, overweight or you can’t fit to any proper clothing. It’s more than that and it means your health is at risk. Being overweight or obese is more than just fat layers in your body. When someone is obese, the body functions are very low which takes a toll on different major organs of the body. Here are the list of organs and how they are affected by excess weight:

1. Heart – When a person is obese or overweight, the arteries are basically blocked because of the plaque build-up making it hard for the blood to flow. This means the heart needs to work harder and pump harder.

2. Colon – Most people who are overweight or obese eat a lot of processed food. Processed meat, sweets and unhealthy things can cause harm to the colon which is responsible for eliminating the toxins.

3. Brain – When a person is obese or overweight, the brain suffers when sending signals. A study found that the cognitive highways of the brain of obese people are diminished, which compromises the sending of signals to the different parts of the brain.

4. Skin- Hormone changes can cause acanthosis nigricans, a thickening and darkening of the skin; swelling and stretching of the skin can cause redness and irritation, known as stasis dermatitis; and poor vein function can lead to ulcers, found most often in ankles as a result of lacking blood flow.

5. Lungs - Poor lung function means blood vessels may not be getting enough oxygen. Similarly, obese people face a far greater risk for obstructive sleep apnea than non-obese people, further limiting the oxygen their bodies take in. Problematic enough during the daytime, a failure to breathe at night could turn fatal in a hurry.

It is not rocket science to find out how excess weight affects the organs in our body. However, being more aware about the effects on our organs might help us in keeping watch on our weight. With healthy diet, an active lifestyle which requires exercise daily, avoiding sweets and oily food can help us lose the excess weight. 

Good news! There’s another source of help in lowering our wait. Thanks to FatOut! FatOut is the newest slimming supplement that helps lose weight without dangerous consequences. FatOut’s strength is its ability to REALLY help clean the colon and get rid of the waste as it is easily taken out of our system. The body flushes away the bad fat and toxins that may cause problems in our colon in the most convenient way possible! With FatOut, you will experience the revolutionary Sweep and Shred Formula which cleanses the colon and burn down fats for a healthier and sexier you which mainly promotes detoxification.

With Pu’er Tea extract which eliminates fats that are hard to digest, Aloe Vera Powder that detoxifies and cleanses the colon, Alfalfa that nourishes the digestive system, Oat Fiber that controls the appetite. Moreover, The Green Tea Extract is best known to effectively burn and shred fats by speeding up the metabolism and Psyllium Husk that sweeps away the toxins and cholesterol.

If you are already having troubles with your weight, it is time to make a lifestyle change and consider taking action on the dangerous risks of excess weight. High triglycerides would only lead to a higher risk of having chronic diseases, what a great news to have a supplement such as FatOut to help you stay healthy. FatOut would make your life better by keeping the extra weight away reducing the risks of coronary heart disease, metabolic syndrome and other hazards to the health.

FatOut is a product of extensive research and development that guarantees top quality and excellent promising health results which makes it absolutely different from other slimming supplements. 

Now on available at a special promo. You may also like FatOut page on Facebook to get updates and prizes. (Runner Rocky)

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Diabetes and Its Four Deadly Dangers!

Diabetes is one of the leading cause of deaths nowadays. It's because, this type of disease affects most of the important organs in our body. And it leads to different complications damaging our heart, eyes, and kidneys.

In my previous post, yours truly Runner Rocky already shared with you about this type of disease cause by high blood sugar and we recommended some tips on how to prevent this. Today, let me share with you more about this disease but this time, I'll make you aware with the four deadly dangers of it. 

The Lower Back Pain is Also Due to Diabetes

The Heart is Going Weak Due to Diabetes

Complications from diabetes develop gradually. The longer you have diabetes and the more your blood sugar is less controlled, the more complications you might face. 

Diabetes complications may be disabling and may even be life threatening. Possible complications include:

1. Cardiovascular disease – diabetes increases the risk of coronary artery disease, chest pain, heart attack, stroke and atherosclerosis. The high levels of blood sugar affect the blood flow and functions of the arteries which makes a person more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases.

2. Nerve damage – excess sugar can injure the walls of the body’s capillaries that nourish the nerves. This can cause a tingling, burning sensation with numbness on the toes, fingers and legs. If left untreated, there is a possibility to lose the sense of feeling in the affected limbs. 

3. Kidney damage – The kidneys contain tiny blood vessels that filter the waste from the blood. Diabetes can damage the filtering system which can lead to kidney failure in the long run.

4. Eye damage – diabetes can damage the blood vessels of the retina which can cause blindness.

Diabetes can also increase the risks of serious vision conditions like glaucoma and cataract.

Better Check with your Doctor When You're Having a Nerve Pain Like This

Bitter Go Makes Our Lives Better

These complications may sound impossible but diabetes can really make you face these serious consequences. In order to avoid having diabetes, take control of your blood sugar level with a supplement that contains powerful natural ingredients such as Bitter Go!

BitterGo by ATC Healthcare is an all-natural dietary food supplement that is made from Ampalaya Extract, Banaba Extract, Luyang Dilaw Extract, and the ONLY SUPPLEMENT WITH Bawang Extract. This extraordinary combination helps manage insulin levels, lowers blood sugar levels, aids in managing diabetes symptom and stimulates the pancreas, spleen and liver to intensify absorption.

BitterGo is a product of extensive research and development that guarantees top quality and excellent promising health results which makes it absolutely different from other supplements.

You may also like the BitterGo page on Facebook to win prizes and promos. (Runner Rocky) 

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Check Your Running Events for the Month of October 2016

Ber months keep most of us busy specially in shopping, scheduling parties for Christmas, and preparing various activities for the yuletide. But still, running events for the athletes and marathoners like us are on the top priorities.

For the month of October 2016, what are the running events you already scheduled? Or which running events are you planning to join with?

Before you go on the actual race, check out the list of some of the running events for the month of October 2016. Here they go:

October 2016 List of Running Events

OCTOBER 2, 2016
- Run United Philippine Marathon 2016

OCTOBER 16, 2016
 - One STC Run
 - Eggciting Fun Run
 - Share Your Blessings Fun Run
 - The Running Addict
 - Windfarm Half Marathon
 - Sierra Trail Adventure Race
 - New Balance RUN ON Manila

OCTOBER 23, 2016
 - OYM Run Leg 3
 - Takbo ng Todong Lakas
 - PNP-SAF Tagaligtas Run

OCTOBER 29, 2016
- Color Manila Costume Run

OCTOBER 30, 2016
 - Nightmare Run
 - Li-Ning Manila Run
 - The Pink Run

Except for October 9, the four Sundays of October for yours truly Runner Rocky were already booked with different major runs. These are the RUPM 2016 (October 2), The Running Addict (October 16), Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run (October 16), OYM Leg 3 (October 23), and The SM By The Bay Nightmare Run (October 30).

See you on the roads for these said runs! (Runner Rocky)

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Video: Team Runner Rocky Trio for Li-Ning Manila Run 2016

Team Runner Rocky, yours truly blogging and events team pioneered an impromptu video wherein we made our cool spiel in every event that we have attended either running event, media launches, or travels. And the recent that we had was during the media launch of the Li-Ning Manila Run 2016 held at the Applebees, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Three of the cool members namely Julius Caesar Aquebay, Mark Pizarras, and yours truly Rocky Chua starred in the wacky video giving some details about the running event!

Are you ready to watch our video?!

One More Selfie Please...!!!

After its successful launched last year, here comes the second edition that will rock your world before Christmas! Let's watch this:

The Li-Ning Manila Run 2016 will be on October 30, 2016 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It is once more organized by RG Events.

See you all on the running event, run with us, and have fun! (Runner Rocky)

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Runner Rocky for the Li-Ning Manila Run 2016

For the second time around, yours truly Runner Rocky took part in the second edition of Li-Ning Manila Run. After its successful first installment last June 2015, this running event is set to conquer the road on October 30, 2016 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Unlike last year with four different colors of singlet to choose from, this year, there is only one color for the singlet which is yellow. 

On the other hand, if last year's finisher shirt was a sleeveless black, this year, four colors of FS shirt can be chosen. 

Check out the photos during the media launch of this running event in our official Facebook Fanpage via this link: Li-Ning Manila Run 2016 Media Launch

Meanwhile, here are the details of the race:

Categories, Registration Fees, and Inclusions:

5K   P700   Singlet | Finisher Medal | Lootbags
10K   P800   Singlet | Finisher Medal | Finisher Shirt for Top 100 and Lotbag
21K   P1000 Singlet | Finisher Medal | Finisher Shirt for Top 500 and Lotbag

Onsite Registration:

- Li-Ning MOA
- Li-Ning Solenad 3
- Juego Sports Trinoma
- Juego Sports SM North Edsa Annex
- Juego Sports SM Fairview
- Juego Sports Greenbelt 4
- Juego Sports Market Market
- Juego Sports Alabang Town Center
- Juego Sports Paseo de Sta Rosa
- Olympic World Alabang Town Center
- Olympic World Trinoma
- Olympic Village Robinsons Place Manila
- Olympic Village Market Market
- Olympic Gold Robinsons Galleria

Online Registration:

You may want to look back Runner Rocky's signature pose on the Li-Ning Manila Run 2015 finish line below:

See you all this October 30 and let's conclude the month of October 2016 with this another exciting fun run! See you all and let's run with me! (Runner Rocky)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Runner Rocky Concludes the Month of September 2016 with Four Major Runs

I ran for the children... I ran for the students... and I ran for the nature! And that concluded my month of September 2016 conquering four major running events with four different themes!

We already started the month of October 2016 with Run United Philippine Marathon (RUPM) 2016 with my 42K full marathon last October 2. But before I proceed with my second run for this month this coming Sunday, let me share with you first my running events last September to keep your passion and desires burning!


The month started with a charity run to bring back the smile to the children with cleft palette via beneficiary run dubbed as the "Live | Run | Smile" organized by Rundom Media held at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, September 4, 2016. Runner Rocky took 10K with his running buddy and team's brand promoter Teng Lequin.


For the second time around, yours truly Runner Rocky captured the beauty of Caliraya Laguna via the "Caliraya 360 Marathon" conquering the 34K distance. Together with my running team and friends, we enjoyed the scenic views of the place. The event took place in Caliraya, Lumban Laguna on September 11, 2016 organized by sir Pat Maranan's Run Mania.  


The change is coming...! And inline with this slogan of the new government, Runner Rocky took part in the very first "OMNI Light of Change Run" wherein proceeds of the race will be given to the Electrical Engineering Students. In this race, me and my running buddy Teng conquered the 21K category. Organized by AffiniTea Race, the event took place at the CCP Complex, Pasay City, September 18, 2016.


Ending my month of September was an ultramarathon race in the mountainous route of Tanay, Rizal. Runner Rocky together with my "Double A" relay buddy Julius Caesar Aquebay were proud that we've conquered and surpassed the uphills and downhills of the very "1st Conquer Airflow 50K Ultramarathon Windfarm Challenge." Once more, we have teamed up for a two-man relay conquering the 50K distance. Then after the race, we had rewarded ourselves with swimming and sidetrip to Daranak Falls joining our Team Runner Rocky member Mark Sarical and his cousin Owel Rowel. Organized by the Conquer Team headed by Coach Benedict Meneses, the race started and finished at Camp Tanay, Rizal, September 25, 2016.    

Three very first new races and one second timer made Runner Rocky's September 2016 a busy month in terms of runs. "'Ung Linggo-Linggo kang tumatakbo kase 'ung apat na Sundays ng September mo ay naka-booked na sa mga runs..." that's the feel... the feeling of accomplishments, the feeling of fulfillment, the feeling of a job-well done! Hope that I inspire again my co-runners and readers with my run-filled month of September! 

Now, welcome October 2016 and let's go again for another series of running events! Go, go, go!!! (Runner Rocky)  

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Get to Know Team Herbalife's Pride, the Triathlete Omar Paredes

Aside from supplying the needed nutrition to the community, Herbalife also developed a team called the Team Herbalife wherein they train athletes to succeed in their chosen fields. And one of the products of their team is no other than the triathlete Omar Paredes.

Omar just brought home the victory to the country after joining the Norseman triathlon. Glad that yours truly Runner Rocky had an intimate conversation with the triathlete wherein he shared about his training leading him to a successful race. 

Part of Omar's Norseman training includes the field and mountain runs. He had bicycle training with lots of uphill routes. Aside from this Norseman race, Omar already conquered seven ironman races so far. 

Runner Rocky and the Norseman's Omar Paredes

Omar shared that he started as a swimmer. He is a swimmer in college. Then someone suggested, why try triathlon since you love swimming? And this started his career as a triathlete! 

But aside from swimming and triathlon, did you know that Omar also involved in different sports?!

"Mahilig akong magbasketball," he shared. "And yes, I'm also a varsity of volleyball and table tennis," he added!

It's also great to know that he and his wife joined different races together as a couple!

Here is my exclusive one-on-one video interview with sir Omar Paredes. Let's watch this:

It was such a great honor to meet this guy! His story and his path towards being a victorious triathlete somewhat inspires a beginner like us! We salute you sir Omar! Good luck on your upcoming races and see you again on our next sports events! (Runner Rocky)

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Team Runner Rocky Doing the "Itlog Lusog" Challenge

Yours truly's blogging, social media, and events team, the Team Runner Rocky took the so-called, "Itlog Lusog Challenge!" This is inline with the promotion of  the upcoming egg-inspired fun run, the "Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run" which is set to conquer the road this Sunday, October 16, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia Running Grounds.  

We got two versions of the challenge. The first one was a selfie video featuring the three members of the team - Nelson Cuevas, Julius Caesar Aquebay, and yours truly Rocky Chua Batara or Runner Rocky. Here is our first version:

The second version then features the host of the AgriTV. She joined the gang in doing the challenge. This said version was then featured in the official AgriTV fanpage at the same time aired in the local TV channel ABS-CBN. Here is the said version:   

Organized by the Guerilla Race,  the "Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run" is a total fun run for the whole family with surprising activities after the race. More cool videos and "Itlog Lusog" challenge were already up in Runner Rocky's Official YouTube Channel via Runner Rocky YouTube Channel.  Enjoy! (Runner Rocky)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Poll: 'Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run' or 'The Running Addict?'

Runners are set to scatter this Sunday, October 16, 2016 since two exciting fun runs are happening at the same date and time. These two fun runs are the "Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run" and "The Running Addict: Takbo Kontra Ilegal na droga," two running events with two different themes but on the same day! 

With conflicting date, I have created this poll survey to help the runners decide which between the two running event they will join. At the same time, this will help the organizers predict the number of participants they will expect on the race. 

So the question goes, which between the "Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run"  and "The Running Addict" will you join with this Sunday? Cast your votes below:

Organized by Guerilla Race together with AgriTV and Egg Society of the Philippines, the "Eggiciting Adventure Family Fun Run" is a cool running event for the whole family with categories of 10K, 5K, 3K, and 300 Meter Dash for the kids with 'eggciting' activities after the race.

On the other hand, "The Running Addict: Takbo Kontra Ilegal na Droga" by the PNP and the running team PAR (Pinoy Aspiring Runners) is first in the country with a goal of fighting illegal drugs via an obstacle fun run with 3K and 5K categories respectively. Surprising activities will hit the runners after the race with special participation of your favorite Gwapulis!

'Eggciting' in the SM Mall of Asia Running Grounds or 'Gwapulis' in the CCP Complex?! Make your choice! See me Runner Rockyin one of these runs! (Runner Rocky)  

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