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Team Run Direction Concludes 2014 with 50KM Ultramarathon Victories

Team Run Direction ended 2014 with a bang! The team once more conquered another major and challenging run, the 50 kilometer Hero To Here Ultramarathon held at San Pablo City-Calamba City Laguna, December 27-28,2014.

Members of the Team proved strength and endurance with flying colors as they placed on top of the race.

Well, of the 595 overall total number of participants, here are the TRD members' ranks and race results:

Juden Tagala Dogwe - Rank 98 - Time: 6:34:25

Red Bunda  - Rank 192 - Time:7:17:40

Peter De Mabasa - Rank 219 -Time:7:25:40

Janice Bunda - Rank 395 - Time :8:26:23

Caesar Lledo - Rank 396  - Time :8:26:29

Gian Carlo Dagar - Rank 398 - Time :8:26:41

Heaven Laborde - Rank 434 - Time :8:38:37

Mc Rhio Puenleona - Rank 459 - Time :9:38:16 

Zane Barcelo - Rank 546 - Time: 9:46:12 

Meanwhile, members Sonny John Randolf Chua and Jhunejaved Mindaña  ranked 6TH out of 17 participants in the 50km 2 man Relay category.

Another proud TRD member Victor Biagtan on the other hand created a parallel victory in the Samar Runners Club Catbalogan to Calbayog Ultramarathon as he ranked Ranked 71 out of 91 runners in the Catbalogan to Calbayog 72.5K Ultramarathon category. His total time was  Time: 12:24:00.

And that ended 2014 with TRD's victories! Congrats team for these success! More to come this 2015. Truly #ProudTRD. - Runner Rocky

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