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Team Run Direction Full Force on the Miler Run

Team Run Direction (TRD) will be on full force this Sunday, January 18, 2015 for the much-anticipated Takbo.Ph's 20 Miler Run 2015.

Almost 30 members of the running team will run on this major running event. Many will conquer the 20 Miles (32 Kilometers) distance while others will take the 10 Miles (16 Kilometers) category. Yours truly will run on the 10 miles.

Here are the TRD members who will run this Sunday:

Many thanks to TRD member Wendell for this cool photo art. :)

Aside from the above runners mentioned above, other members of the team will also present on the said event to show support to their teammates!

Good luck team to our miler run this Sunday! One team, one goal, one run ... coming up this Sunday! We are truly #ProudTRD. See you all!  - Runner Rocky

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