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Runner Rocky to Run for Two Scholarship Runs at the Same Day and Time!

It's time to payback! This Sunday will be the day as yours truly will be conquering two runs at the same time!

For the first time, Runner Rocky will take two runs which will be happening at the same day and time but of different locations. And this is for two scholarship runs namely the 4TH AmCham ScholaRun and the Ateneo's Run for Your Life 2.

No choice, I need to be there on both runs! For AmCham which is also our company's sponsor, I will be the one to write an article for it to be published on our official newsletter. At the same time, this run is truly remarkable since this is my very first run last year. "Ito ang naging simula kung bakit may Runner Rocky ngayon!"

On the other hand, the Ateneo's Run for Your Life 2 is the run where Runner Rocky is one of the media partners so I need also to be there. The venue will be in the Ateneo and in UP Diliman's running grounds, the new running grounds for me to conquer with since it's also my first time to run in these fields. And of course, I love their finisher shirt with the Ateneo  print.

So no choice, I need to run both! "Lagare" will be the proper term for me this Sunday!

For AmCham, I will run 10K while in Ateneo, I will take 16K. Both runs will be for the benifits of scholars!

And of course, since yours truly was also a product of two scholarships in college namely DOST and NECFI, I will pay back by running in two runs for scholars!

So see you all this Sunday, March 1, 2015 as Runner Rocky pays back! Join me as I run in two fields! - Runner Rocky

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