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The 4TH AmCham ScholaRUN - "To Run Where I Started!"

The run which started it all! Yes, the Amcham Scholar Run is the run where yours truly Runner Rocky started. "Dito ako nagsimula. At kung hindi dahil sa run na ito, walang Runner Rocky ngayon!" And I've already told you my story about this run in my very first post in this blog. :)

Now it's time to pay back, to look back where I started. It's been one year ago, and it's time to run to where I started.

This coming March 1, 2015, yours truly will run for the 4TH AmCham ScholaRUN. "Dito ko tatapusin ang hindi ko nagawa last year!" At the same time, I'll run for the benefits of the scholars since I'm also a scholar way back in collage!

I'm so excited to run for it! I love their singlet this year. It's better than last year. And red dominates the color of the gear.

Join me as I pay back! Let's run for the scholars! And what's good about this run, since it's our company's sponsored run, I was assigned by our HR to write an article about the run! :) Great! - Runner Rocky

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