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TRD: One Team, Seven Runs in One Day!

Team Run Direction will once more create new record this Sunday, February 22, 2015. For the first time, the team participated in different running events all at the same time!

The members of the groups were scattered in 7 different running events in 7 different areas raising the flag of TRD.

Here are the 7 major running events for Sunday where TRD will be present:

1. Luneta 2 Tagaytay 60K Ultramarathon

2. Financial Fitness Run 2015

3. The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2015

4. Bandana Run 246

5. Run for Rare

6. Amway Nutrilite Health Run 2015

7. Pampanga Marathon

Though scattered in 7 different runs, the team's spirit is still united, intact with one goal and passion which is running! One team will conquer 7 different running grounds in one day! Great! Join us as we run! - Runner Rocky

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