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Delicious Diet: Food for a Healthy Athletic Body

Runner Rocky discovers something new! This helps me becomes stronger, fitter, and healthier. And yes, this is in terms of food aside from engaging from running, exercise, or workout!

Are you familiar with Delicious Diet?! Well, I have already tried it starting my week right. This is composed of 4 sets of foods completing my meal for breakfast, lunch,  and dinner. Nope, you can't find it in the nearest store, mall, or favorite resto 'coz it was delivered right in your home!

I will reveal it on my next succeeding posts. But if you're too much excited to know or inquire about it, you may contact 09088797915 or email them at

For more details about their products, you may visit their FB page at
And of course, you may follow then in IG via @deliciousdietph and in Twitter via @DDietph.

Taste the difference and enjoy 3 meals plus 1 snack everyday!  - Runner Rocky

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