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Runner Rocky's Run for the 2nd Quarter of 2015

The second quarter of my 2015 is now fully booked with major running events. The early weekend mornings of Runner Rocky were all alloted for running.

Well, check out my note list below for  the schedule of my runs for the months of April to June:

Four back-to-back runs completed the month of April. These were the recently concluded Urban Guerilla Race and the DC Comics Superheroes All-Star Fun Run and the upcoming earth runs namely the  Pro-Earth Run and the National Geographic (NatGeo) Earth Day Run.

Meanwhile for the month of May, as a media partner, I already secured two running events namely the High Miles for Children and the PaRun ng Cowboy Grill.

For June, I was already registered for the Run United 2 since I'm targeting to complete the trilogy. Of course, I will surely run for World Vision since this is my anniversary run. This is my very first run last year where I ran 21K for the very first time! 

Other than these, I will definitely let you know of the new runs that I will join with for this quarter. So, see you on the roads and run with me! - Runner Rocky

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