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Affinitea's Raise D' Roof 2015 Unveils Cool Actual Finisher Shirt

Affinitea released the actual finisher shirt of their exciting run this coming July dubbed as the Raise D' Roof. 

Runners of the 21K category who successfully crossed the finish line will definitely got this cool finisher shirt.

Well, check out the the said actual design of the finisher shirt below:



Once more, this year's design is cool and so refreshing to the eye exceeding the expectations of the runners. And yes, it's comfortable to wear! 

I can't really wait to wear this finisher shirt! Two months to go, Runner Rocky will definitely join his second major run with Affinitea. This run is truly more than medals!

Stay tune here in our website for more exciting details and announcements of Affinitea marathon! - Runner Rocky

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