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Men's Health Training Combine 2: Sparta Awaits

Two days to... are you ready for brand new action and more challenges?! As they say, it's harder for the second time around!

Yes, Sparta awaits as the second leg of Men's Health Training Combine will be held on the Sparta Gym, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City.

Well, aside from the new tougher challenges and new venue, what other new things to look forward on this event?! 

Check out below freebies that you can get before and after the training:

You can get the June 2015 issue of Men's Health magazine featuring JM De Guzman on the cover, cans of Century Tuna, Enervon Food supplements, Enervon Activ Bag, and of course, an MH training combine tech shirt with brand new tougher design.

Here is the actual tech shirt sample worn by the MH associate publisher Arlo Vicencio:

But wait, there's more! Registration is extended until May 29. And yes, second time participants (those who already joined on the first leg) are entitled for a 20% discount! You can pay as low as Php520.

For the registration process, you mau check out my previous post:

So are you now more excited for Men's Health Training Combine 2?! Yes we are! See you all this Saturday as yours truly Runner Rocky will take on new challenges! (Runner Rocky)

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