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Runner Rocky's Four Different Runs for the Mother Earth in April 2015

Yours truly Runner Rocky ran for the mother earth on the month of April 2015. Yes, I have conquered four different major  runs of four different themes for one goal - to save the mother earth!

Since April was a month where we celebrate the Earth Day, I can say that this month, I ran for the mother earth! And I transformed into four different characters - as a guerilla, as superman, as an environmentalist, and as a geographer!

Below is how Runner Rocky transformed into four persona for four different marathons:

To conclude the month of April, here are my four back-to-back runs to date:

* Urban Guerilla Race - April 12
* World of DC Comics Superheroes - April 18
* Pro Earth Day Run - April 25
* NatGeo Earth Day Run - April 26

I will write four separate articles featuring each run narrating my personal experience during the said marathons!  Stay tune runners and readers! - Runner Rocky

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