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Runner Rocky on a Back-To-Back Alaska Coverage

Running and basketball in a back-to-back mode. Yes, yours truly Runner Rocky didn't only ran on two consecutive days during the Earth Day. I also covered two Alaska basketball events on the said two consecutive days.

Right after my two earth day runs namely the Pro Earth Day Run on April 25 and NatGeo Earth Day Run on April 26, I immediately covered the Alaska Jr. NBA / WNBA which took place on two different venues - in PICC and in SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

The Alaska Jr. NBA / WNBA chose the next junior players both from male and female categories. Winners from the actual basketball competitions will be sent to the United States for training and for another games.

Basketball superstars both from PBA and NBA served as the coaches of the junior players.

The last day of the event served as the awarding ceremony of the players who made it on the finals. (Runner Rocky)

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