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Running Medals: Back-to-Back Runs for the Earth - #ProEarthRun and #NatGeo

Inline with the worldwide celebration of earth day on the last week of April, yours truly Runner Rocky paid tribute via running in the back-to-back running events namely the Pro Earth Run 2015 and the National Geographic Run 2015 (NatGeo).

These runs were back-to-back since the Pro Earth took place on a Saturday morning while NatGeo on Sunday.

Yes, once more, I have successfully conquered those two runs. And because of that, I would like to share with you the fruits of my hard works.

Here are my two medals from the said back-to-back runs:

In Pro Earth, I ran10Km since it was  only the maximum category while in NatGeo, I took the 21Km category.

Pro Earth and NatGeo - two major runs Runner Rocky conquered making me proud that I have ran for the mother earth! (Runner Rocky)

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