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Sports #Ootd: That Orange-Themed Run United 2

Run United 2, the second leg of the Run United Trilogy has been concluded just this Sunday morning, June 7, 2015. And yes, yours truly Runner Rocky finished strong conquering the 21K category.

Well before anything else, let's go to the lighter part of the race - the fashion side! 

If yellow was the color of RU1, orange then on the other hand was the color theme of RU2. And of course, Runner Rocky ran in fashion. Check out my RU2 sports outfit below:

How do you love my ootd during this race? Do you like it more than my previous running outfits?!

On my next post, let's compare my RU1 versus my RU2 ootd. Let's run not only with pasion, but in fashion! (Runner Rocky)

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