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#WhatAreYouRunningFor? I Am Running To...

What are you running for?! This is a motivational question printed in the recent poster of Affinitea's Raise D'Roof. For them, they are running to HELP.

Well, if Runner Rocky will be asked the same question, my answers will be:

I Am Running To:

1. Keep fit and healthy.
2. Stay young.
3. Meet new friends.
4. Expand my network.
5. Find the love of my life.
6. Keep my heart strong.
7. Collect running medals and trophies.
8. Collect stylish singlets, tech shirts, and finisher shirts.
9. Add running Bibs in my collection.
10. Pose for photos and pictorials.
11. Blog and share my running experiences in my Social Media.
12. Help charitable institutions.
13. Have my sports #ootd.
14. Exceed my limit.
15. Serve as a model and inspiration to others.

Yes for now, these are my 15 reasons why I run. Maybe in the coming days, more new reasons will be added.

Now it's your turn! If we'll ask you the same question, what are you running for, what then will be your answer/s?! Share it with us in the comment box below. :) (Runner Rocky)

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