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Relax your Body, Clear your Mind, and Serenade your Heart with JohannMendoza's Music

Relax your body for the meantime after heavy workout or long run. Free your mind  from stress and feel the music of the YouTube sensation Johann Mendoza.

Did you know Johann? Yes, he is the cool guy dubbed as "The  Bad Boy of RnB." I love RnB. This is the form of music that relaxes my heart. At the same time when I have a heartache, I feel better when Iisten to this type song. Great to know that Johann gives a new breath to this music.

Johann made his own cover versions of the songs like "Listen" by Beyonce"I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston, and "How Am I Supposed to Live" by Michael Bolton. These songs went viral giving him 18,000 organic followers in just a span of one month. 

Born on January 24, 1982 in Baguio, Johann was a former main vocalist of Brown Flava, K24/7, and Voices of 5. He was the writer and singer of the song "Come Back to Me" which was the only Filipino artist included in the compilation entitled "Dream Sounds 3."

Johann also won the People's Choice Award for the song "Your Smile" (with K24/7) in 2009 and 2010.

Aside from this, Johann was chosen by Muzu.TV as one of the winners of muzuunveils because of his single, "For Better or For Worse" that is seen in the 23 territories of America, Europe, and Australia.

Here are the links of some of his cover songs:

"If Ever You're in My Arms Again:"


"Ordinary People:"

"I Have Nothing:"

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now:"

Well if you love Johann performing in YouTube, definitely, you will love him more performing live! This coming August 7, 2015, 8pm at the Music Museum, Johann will be having his concert! His special guests are Daryl Ong, Dcoy Featuring Muriel, Kim Molina, Voices of 5, and The Addlibs.

We'll keep you posted of his concert. Exciting! (Runner Rocky)

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