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Running in Fashion: In Green and In Blue for 2015's Affinitea and Runfest


Runner Rocky was once again devoted in another back-to-back marathons in two consecutive Sundays. These were the Affinitea's Raise D' Roof 2015 last July 5 and the Takbo.PH's Run Fest 2015 last July 12.

As I always do, I run in fashion! I match my sports attire to the theme of the run I'm joining with. In my recent two runs, neon green and blue were my color motifs.

What turns out to be Runner Rocky's trademark in my every run is the socks! Yes, it's the socks that counts!

On a separate post, I'll discuss with you my two sports #ootd as I'll give a separate emphasis on these two runs.

In green or in blue which of the two you love true?! Hehe, it rhymes unintentionally! :) Catch me on the road! (Runner Rocky)

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