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Then and Now: On the Milo Marathon Finish Line

It's already one year ago when I first joined the competitive Milo National Marathon. Yours truly Runner Rocky conquered 21K for two consecutive years.

It's always my tradition to have a mandatory photo in the finish line whenever I successfully finish a race. And for my two Milo marathon races, the Timehop app provided my Then and Now photos of this challenging run.

Here are my two finish line photos for Milo Marathon last 2014 and this 2015:

What can you say about the two photos? Do you see the great improvement?!

Well, let me provide you with my more 39TH National Milo Marathon 2015 success photos. Here they go:

A better, tougher, leaner, and stronger Rocky who is now Runner Rocky is a proud product of Milo! 

On my upcoming posts, will share with you more Milo marathon experience! Stay tune runners! (Runner Rocky)

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